24HRS Features Hanami Perfume

Hanami perfume is featured in today's 24HRS beauty section, recommended for both men and women: "Floral and woody, this nature lover's scent is just as sexy on men as it is on women. And because it's not pumped full of chemicals, just a dab of this romance enhancing, pure essence will do".

This spring it's available for the first time in 15ml EDP ($180), and we have a very limited edition of the pure extrait in the beautiful flacons ($300).

24hrs Features New Orleans Perfume

Today's style section of 24hrs newspaper (p.20) features New Orleans perfume - which garnered the best review I ever got for anything I've created:
"Best Natural Selection - This all-natural, handcrafted, artisan perfume proves that you don't need chemicals and a mass-media marketing machine to make good scents. With spring-fresh notes of amber and white magnolia, I just put a tiny dab of this long-lasting pure botanical essence on my neck, and I'm already ready for mass seduction" (Sarah Rowland, 24hrs Style section)

Do I need to tell you that this made my day?

24Hrs Gift Guide Features Winter Fantasy Coffret

This morning I did something I rarely ever do: I got out solely for the purpose of picking up the morning's newspaper. My publicist alerted me I will be in it, and she was right: on page 17 of 24 Hrs newspaper, you'll find a gift guide titled "Perfect presents for the cool chick in your life". And I'm thrilled that one of the 5 gifts that journalist Sarah Rowland picked is our Winter Fantasy Mini Coffret!

Click on the image below to read:

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