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Boronia, originally uploaded by Helen Boronia McHugh.

Recent increases in rare floral essences prices have forced me to do something I don't like doing, but have to: increase the price on selected perfumes from my collection. I don't like the snobbish attitude this may imply, but if I want to be able to continue buying the materials to make these perfumes, logic forces me to follow what the numbers request.

The perfumes subject to the increase are those containing precious essences such as boronia, broom (the latter has increased its price significantly this year, and is now about $500 per ounce) and jonquille. Also, the ones that I will probably not be able to get for a long time if at all - such as ambergris and East Indian sandalwood (I have enough in stock to make Gigi for a whilte).

The price for the following perfumes are exclusive to Ayala Moriel's boutique as they can only be produced on a small scale. Their price have been increased to $160 per 9ml flacon:
l'Écume des Jours
And of course, Sahleb and the upcoming (2009) perfume The Purple Dress will bear the same price, reflecting the high concentration of rare essences that goes into their disctinc scent (orris with 15% irone and ambrette seed in Sahleb and red & golden champaca in The Purple Dress).

News from the Nose: Get Cozy with Roses et Chocolat

Dear Fragrant Friends,

In this newsletter:
* New Packaging
* New Perfume Launches – Roses et Chocolat
* Romantic Gift Sets for Valentine’s Day
* Limited Editions & Discontinued Fragrances - announcement/update
* Liquidation Sale Reminder and Update
* New Packaging (Boxes)
* New Gemstone Colours for Pendants!

This winter has been extremely fruitful, thus extremely busy, dedicating my time to launching 4 new perfumes this fall and winter, maintaining an active blog and enjoying the wind and snow storms in Vancouver. So I am very pleased to announce that in the dead of winter, we have yet some more goodies in store for you for the upcoming romantic occasion of Valentine’s Day. This time it's a limited edition, so you better get it in your loving hands before everybody else does - the quantities are extremely limited!

Our new perfume has the best of all worlds – Romance, pleasure and chocolate. Though I firmly believe that those blissful treats should be enjoyed all year around (by yourself or with your honey-bunny) I have decided to join all these forces and create a perfume that is particularly suitable for the occasion.

We are going to have new packaging as of January 18th. The bottles are the same – but the boxes are custom made, with a lovely and subtle pattern of our logo, and designed by renowned graphic designer Terry Sunderland (who also did an amazing job on all the packaging solutions and re-branding of Ayala Moriel and has been the in-house designer at AdBusters and The Corporation). You’ll be able to see it when you order next from us – or tune in to SmellyBlog to view it when it comes in! They are classy and pretty and exactly what we needed to move on to the next level in customizing our packaging to represent what we truly are.

Next week, we are expecting to have 6 new exciting drop-shaped gemstones:
- Carnelian (deep orange)
- Labradorite (from Canada - brown with blue light)
- Opalite (a synthetic yet lovely milky-opalescent stone)
- Moon Stone (pale white with some rainbow-like reflections)
- White Opal (with hues of orange, pink and yellow - see image to the left)
- Mother of Pearl

We are producing only two pendants of each colour, so these are very limited quantities. We highly recommend placing an order in advance, as we may not be able to get these gemstone again in the future. I'll post photos here when they arrive...

I would like to present to you ROSES et CHOCOLAT – a perfume that delivers three pleasures in one elegant bottle:



And…. Perfume!

ROSES et CHOCOLAT is a bouquet of plush, velvety dark red roses (yet unlike most stem-cut roses, possessing a voluptuous scent); set against a melt-in-your-mouth chocolate truffles. The perfume part is what ties everything together, yet without taking away from either experience: my handcrafted, complex amber accord, made of rich resins and balsams, and a sparkling dusting of sexy spices: the fruitiness of pink peppercorns and the sublime aphrodisiac dry warmth of nutmeg and mace, creating an overall impression of a full-bodied red wine.
Kisses not included, so you’ll need to get your own...

ROSES et CHOCOLAT is offered as a limited edition. We only made 7 bottles, and a small number of samples - and will be happy to hold one for you, which can be shipped to you and arrive in time for Valentine’s Day. See image of the perfume and packaging in an earlier post here on SmellyBlog.
- And it is also available as a solid parfum in our signature Perfumed Pendant.

* Like all of our limited edition fragrances, the fragrance is available until quantities last, but can be also made on-request when special-ordered. If the demand will exceed our expectations, we may add it to our permanent collection. All of our limited edition scents are located on this page of our website.

Like a box of chocolates of the finest qualities and varieties, we would like to suggest two unique gift sets of love and passion for Valentine’s Day, both of which can be purchased for the 45% OFF rate that we offer on all our Perfume Wardrobes:

A collection of all our 3 chocolate perfumes:

ROSES et CHOCOLAT – the most romantic gift of passion – chocolate, roses and perfumes. Best served with a kiss and a bottle of red wine…

FILM NOIR – our heatless and topless perfume, composed of the richest base notes of chocolate, patchouli and myrrh.

GUILT– our all-time favourite chocolate perfume, balanced by ornage blossom, orange peel, amber and mimosa.

This set includes three of our love potions:

RAZALA – a passionate love poem for the desert and the veiled women who dwell in it. With notes of ambergris, oudh, roses, saffron and myrrh.

WHITE POTION – intoxicating and night-blooming white florals on a backdrop of creamy sandalwood and tonka bean

ROSES et CHOCOLAT – our newest, limited edition love potion

* You may also order a combination of 4 fragrances as a Miniature Wardrobe

We have created a new category on our website for scents that were not so popular, yet are a favourite of selected special customers.

We don't want to truly discontinue any fragrance if we can help it (a terrible habit of too many perfume houses!). So, as long as we have the building blocks available for constructing the fragrance and retain its original characteristics, we will be offering these rarities on our special webpage.

So what's the difference between the "discontinued" or "Ltd. Editions" and the rest of our collection?
Only two things, really:
1) We may not be able to offer samples of these in the near future (we'll offer them only as long as supplies last).
2) If you want to order these, you will have to order a full bottle, and there may be a waiting time of up to six (6) weeks, to allow for the perfume to mature.

Don't miss this opportunity to buy larger amount of your favourite scent at a significantly discounted price! This packaging is being discontinued, as it was replaced by 8ml French Flacon with ground glass stopper. All of our perfumes are now sold only in pure parfum or parfum oil concentrations, for $100 a piece regular price.

Another clearance item is a silver compact (not the pendant, but they look the same except for the chain, with our signature logo of fairy and a drop, and a matching gemstone masquerading as a drop). Regular price is $150, but they are now on special for only $100. The two scents we have are:
White Potion

All of the spray and roll-on bottles are hand painted with our signature Fairy and the Drop logo, and the name of the perfume.

Visit my “BLOWOUT SALE” page on SmellyBlog for the most updated list of perfumes and sizes available

Scented regards from snowy Vancouver,

Ayala Sender, Perfumer
Ayala Moriel Parfums
Signature Perfumes ~ Perfumed Jewelery ~ Fragrance Consultant On-Line

Perfume News: Razala

Ayala Moriel is pleased to announce the launch of our new perfume for Fall/Winter 2007:

Whether if you are a Harem Queen or a Beduine Shepard at heart, Razala is a passionate, modern love poem to thorny hills and desert mountains. Razala pulsates with vibrant, colourful spices, seductive flower petals, and precious resins and woods of Arabia. This is also our first perfume to include the scarcest building block: beach-harvested ambergris, adding smoothness and an underlining raw animalic energy.

The original vision for Razala was to bottle the sense of freedom that is felt when climbing a mountain and spending an extended amount of time in the wilderness. It’s a scent that is all about seduction of the senses and the mind, leading you to the sensual serenity of a dim-lit feast of many spicy exotic dishes and luxurious colours and textures of the fabrics of a harem, the most sensual of them being one’s own skin…

The notes are:

Razala was inspired by the thorny hills where I grew up – where goats used to herd on the fragrant bushes of hyssop, sage and labdanum. I spent hours on end on these mountains, enjoying the textures of the rocks, the essence of the soil, and the smooth barks of red arbutus trees, occasionally alarmed by the sound of goat bells and the cries of the goat herds that followed them.

Razala is one of my nicknames and is the Arabic translation of my name (which means a doe, by the way). There was something that always really fascinated me about deer and goats: their fragile innocence reflected through their eyes, yet their enormous strength and resilience and the stubborn manner in which they lead their way through rocky, bushy, thorny hills and mountains.

Razala went through several transformations before reaching the perfection of what it is now: I started with the raw essences of hyssop, sage and oregano, paired with flower notes of rose and jasmine and the greenness of a tangerine peel. The base, originally, was spikenard (a musty root that is reminiscent of wet soil), costus (a musky root that smells like goats), and labdanum (the resin from the same rockroses that grew on the mountains that were my inspiration). Although the original formulation smelled exactly like the mountains when a herd of smelly goats pass by – it was crude and not so wearable. It wasn’t until recently, when I decided to change direction and go all the way with the sensuality and shameless seduction of notes used in traditional Arab perfumery – Audh, Ambergris, Myrrh. This was the base, and to that I added the most luxurious vintage patchouli – it is aged for several years, which makes it sweet and sublime, soft and almost powdery, and truly an aphrodisiac. To these I added my favourite spicey notes – cloves, pink peppercorns and saffron, as well as the most luscious flowers of all – orange blossom, rose, tuberose, jasmine and magnolia. I must admit I am terribly happy with the result and this is in my opinion the best perfume that ever came out of my atelier. It is my new personal favourite, even though when it comes to my own line, I am not allowed to have one. It creates a unique aura in collaboration with your skin and than really grows on you.

Razala is available in parfum extrait only at this point: 9ml parfum flacon for $89.99 or a flacon + 15ml refill bottle for $179.99.

Image of Bedouine woman courtesy of Kunja.
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