Purusa Petalum

   by gracias!
  , a photo by gracias! on Flickr.
The golden violet character of osmanthus is highlighted by sunny notes of mimosa and elemi and robust fruity-herbaceous davana (Artemisia pallens). Reminiscent of strawberry-jam, cured hay and grapes, davana adds a dark and fruity nuance to the apricot-leather quality of osmanthus, and shifts the balance from leather into fruit. Elemi's (Canarium luzonicum) lemon-pepper resinous note adds brilliance and clarity to this dense theme. It gives it a bit of a green and dry-woody tone as well.

Purusa Petalum by Sebastian Signs

Petalum is part of Purusa - Sebatian Sign's natural perfume gels line. They are infused into a smooth, easily-absorbing gel that's made from argan oil. Aside from the smooth consistency and unusual texture, they are also quite unusual perufmes, that style-wise fall somewhere between the therapeutic purity of aromatherapy synergies; and abstract perfume compositions of unusual notes.

Notes: Osmanthus absolute, jasmine absolute, davana oil, elemi oil, mimosa absolute. 
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