Perfume Workshop in New York

I am THRILLED to announce that I found a space to host my perfume making workshop in New York this coming month!

Enfleurage New York
237 West 13 Street, New York, NY

Friday, October 12th, 8:30-11:30am

You will get to make your own custom perfume using my collection of pure natural raw materials, and take your own 15ml perfume home with you with your own label!
Spaces for up to 6 students only.

Please RSVP by October 5th - AT THE VERY LATEST.
email ayala@ayalamoriel.com to or call (778) 863-0806.

More details online

Pics from Perfume Workshop June 6th

Yosh & Ayala sniffing away
Yosh & Ayala, sniffing away through the improvised perfumer's organ

Alex & Ayala
Alex & Ayala

I had a wonderful time teaching an evening class of perfume making at Alex Sandor Art Studio. Yosh of Yosh Olfactory Sense co-hosted and assisted me and everyone created beautiful perfumes to call their own!

Here are some pics, and also a quick shout out for all of you who were not able to make it: we will be hosting another one in July, around the date of the Artisan Fragrance Salon (exact date & time TBA). If interested, please contact me via email: ayala (at) ayalamoriel.com.

Perfume Making Class in San Francisco
Students - and Yosh - hard at work

Alex & Amanda Hard at Work
Alex & Amanda making decisions!

The Results!
Custom perfumes created that evening - some yet to be named... And Alex still writing on his "Spring Biblical Man" label!

Yosh & Alex's creations
Alex & Yosh's perfumes

Tincturing Lemon Blossoms
Alex' mad scientist apothecary (lemon blossom tincture)

Lab Cookies
Cookies from the Baker & Banker served in labware, just for fun ;-)

Yosh & Ayala sniffing away...
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