News from the Nose: The Smell of Freedom

Dear Fragrant Friends,
"MRS. LANDINGHAM: (refering to her car)... And when you get inside, there's this... (Mrs. Landingham gestures, trying to find the right word).
MRS. LANDINGHAM: How did you know?
BARTLET: It's the smell of freedom...and the chemicals they treat the dashboard with".

(Aaron Sorkin, "The West Wing", S2 E21 "18th and Potomac")
The season of freedom is here, and with it the celebration of independence both in Canada (July 1st) and Fourth of July in the United States. Before you all take off to blow off firecrackers gather for a neaighbourhood barbecue or canoing expedition - let's take a moment or two to relish in the smell of freedom. After all, this is what makes the North American continent so admirable.
And I'd like to wish a peaceful Ramadan and easy fasting to those of among you celebrating this month. Ramadan Mubarak!
To celebrate all these important holidays with you, I'm offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders through July 7th. Also, early bird registration for this fall's perfumery courses, and pre-orders for my new book are extended till then.  

1. Smells like Canada Contest 

Judging by names alone, you'll find three obvious sources of inspiration in my perfumes: Israel, Japan, and of course my birth country and where I've been calling home for some odd fifteen years: Canada.
The great Canadian landscape alone brings to mind freedom and possibilities. The pure air inspires clear thoughts, and tolerance, politeness and honesty seems to the trait this nation holds dear and practices on a daily basis.
As far as smells goes, I can assure you that my perfumes are as polite as can be! Even though Canada is known for its ongoing policies against offensive odours, you can be sure your co-workers won't even notice that you've snicked on some Espionage on your wrists... Unless they decide to sexually harass you, which is very unlikely in our law-abiding country (thank goodness to that!).
But office and other politics aside - Canada's natural wild floral an fauna, while not as diverse as its citezens, is utterly abundant. Here you'll find more coniferous trees then anywhere in the world. No matter how hard we try to log them, those trees keep growing back, thankfully! 
Canada is coniferous trees and maple syrup from coast to coast, perhaps with a touch of castoreum... Yet somehow, every year I discover a new fragrant plant that is inspiring and unique to this continent. You can read more in the 2014 edition of "Smells Like Canada" on SmellyBlog, and also add a comment for a chance to win a Gaucho mini, and handmade incense cones inspired by the First Nationas smudging ceremony with sage and tobacco.

2.Fir + Fur = Canada

Smell like Canada while supporting small Canadian businesses - choose from the following Canadian-inspired fragrances: 

FUR: You won't find any Canadian beaver secretions (aka castoreum) in any of my perfumes, because they are cruelty free. But Espionagecomes as close as it gets to good ol' Canadian fur. In this case, I've used cade oil (destructive distillation of juniper) to create the smoky, tannin quality of leather, along with tobacco leaf and loads of vanilla and tonka bean. The result has been compared to single malt whiskey and pipe tobacco. 

Enjoy fir and many other coniferous notes (cedar, pine, spruce, juniper...) both in the sharp, refreshing essential oil, and the sweeter, almost jam-like and resinous absolute form, where they add a unique sweetness to these perfumes: 
FIR: Fetishis that rare thing - an unboring citrus: jasmine green tea, fir absolute, rhododendron and vanilla give the most popular citrus notes of lemongrass, lemon verbena, grapefruit and bergamot an unusual twist as well as lasting power. It's a summery love affair! 

PINE: Rainforest was ironically my attempt at creating the scent of earh-after-rain in Israel using spikenard - a rare biblical root that smells like wet earth . I must have added too much pine and spruce, because it smells exactly like Stanley Park!

MAPLE: Immortelle l'Amour was inspired by the Quebeqoise maple-harvets celebration, and the Tire sur le Neiges tradition of making taffy on spring's last snow. Maple-scented helicrysum is paired with notes of cinnamon waffles and orange juice essence - bringing brunch to a whole new level of seductive gourmand goodness. 

SPRUCE: Orcasis not just about sea salt and whales - but also the beatuiful ancient rainforests that kiss the Pacific oceans. Black Hemlock Spruce absolute plays an important role here, and thre is even an Orcas Beard Oil, so that you can untangle your locks after a day at sea. EauMG described it as follows: "Trying this again,  I was reminded of just how much I like the Orcas fragrance. The Beard Oil is a sharp, green geranium with fresh rosemary. It’s bitter-green-fresh with salt air".

RED CEDAR: Blackbeard Oil has become somewhat of a cult fragrance. EauMG recently reviewed it for Father's Day "Smells like red cedar at a lumberyard and dries down to a soft sandalwood. It’s an astringent woodsy-woods lumberjack fragrance". It's also a great way to keep your hipster beard looking and smelling fresh while camping.

3. Whimsical Wintergreen and Sacred Tobacco

There is no other scent more American to me than wintergreen. It’s in American toothpastes and chewing gums, and also in the ever so popular and oddly flavoured root beer. I don’t think there is anywhere else in the world where wintergreen is perceived so fondly (except for Canada, perhaps, but I suspect we learned that from you...). In Europe, wintergreen and sweet birch are used only for cleaning purposes, and Europeans are puzzled by the American fondness for root beer. Because of the salicylates content, wintergnreen oil is valuable for joint pain relief and to ease muscle spasms (but must be diluted first to avoid skin irritation). However, true wintergreen is difficult to come by, as it's usually replaced by pure methy salicylate.

Treazonis the only perfume I created with wintergreen. This is the real stuff, steam distilled from wild wintergreen leaves and blossoming tops (Gaultheria fragrantissima). I used it to accentuated the bitter, medicinal and slightly grape-like aspects of tuberose. The wild wintergreen, along with birch, really brings out the intensity of the flower after dark. Add to that vanilla, a hint of cinnamon, hyraceum and orange blossom  and - voila! A killer tuberose was born! It was even nominated for the 2013 Indie FiFi Awards.

Tobacco is a sacred plantin all Native American tribes. The first to use it were probably the Mayan Indians, and its use was spread throughout the entire continent. Tobacco was an essential element in most Native American rituals, and was used in different ways: placed as an offering to the gods or the spirits, burnt on the fire, smoked in a pipe or the leaves were rolled into the ancient forms of cigars in South and Central America (at times also elaborately decorated). Pipes were smoked to “seal deals” and agreements between tribes. The pipes themselves have a symbolic meaning: the “straw” part is considered projective or masculine, and the bowl where the tobacco is burnt is considered receptive, or feminine. There is a significance to the materials from which the pipes are made as well, and cultural messages hidden within the decoration of some pipes (which has become particularly elaborate in Central and Southern America).
I love working with tobacco, and have created several perfumes with it, including my best-selling Espionage, and the whimsical Rebellius, which has a sweeter, almost chocolatey take on tobacco; the soapy-clean Sabotage, and the pipe-tobacco scent of Espionage. I would love to hear from you what scents you think are typically American.

4. Media Clips: Now Smell This, CafleureBon, EauMG

Visit Now Smell This to read Robin's review of my newest perfume, Musk Malabi:
"It's bright and cheerful, and perfect for spring. Very much worth a try for anyone, but especially recommended for neroli freaks. I would love to have a bottle of Musk Malabi, along with Moriel's equally cheerful Etrog Oy de Cologne".

EauMG reviews our two masculine grooming oils: Blackbeard Oil and Orcas Hair & Beard Oil:
"...if you like natural oils and if you think you’d like smelling like a lumberyard or salt air, then don’t let 'beard' shy you away. These are high-quality oils with great fragrances".

Cafleurebon dubbed Les Nuages de Joie Jauneas one of the world's top 10 mimosa perfumes! Too bad that I have to let this one go. There is one last bottle waiting for you here. 
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5. Stanley Park Rose Garden Stroll July 17th + Private Workshops

Lots of workshops and classes coming up - at my studio and outdoors. I'm re-discovering the wonderful world of roses, with a renewed interest in this classic flower especially after teaching a similar class in VanDusen Gardens earlier in June. 

July 17th, 5-7pm: Rose Garden Stroll & Scent Salon

Stop and smell the roses!
Join master perfumer Ayala Moriel for a delightful afternoon at Stanley Park's classic Rose Garden. This interactive class will explore the evolution of the rose, as a flower and a fragrance. Find out how the yellow colour in hybrid tea roses affects their perfume (i.e.: the Tahitian Sunset rose pictured below smells like apricot and vanilla!), how rose oil is distilled and extracted, and see some examples of the rose’s unique place in art, poetry, mystical botanical symbolism, and of course - perfume. Rosy refreshments will be served picnic-style.
$46/per person, including a sample of rose perfume you'll take home with you! Limited to 15 participants.
Contact me via phone (778) 863-0806 or email to book your spot.
Additionally, I will have my Rose Connoisseur Summer Coffret for sale at the garden, with 8 of my rosiest perfume: Bouquet of Love, Cabaret, Fête d'Hiver, Roses et Chocolat, Rosebud, Song of Songs, Tea Rose and Ayala Moriel's newest perfume: Musk Malabi.
While perfume may be what is at the very heart of Ayala Moriel Parfums, we also offer many other fragrant workshops and experiences- such as our private workshops on the making of everything from perfume and bath products to all-natural, floral-water icecream. Treat yourself and five of your favorite people (maximum capacity is 6 people) to a private perfumed retreat! Private Perfumed Parties are also available for larger groups (up to 15 participants).

6. Early Bird & Book Pre-order Extended till July 7th

Now it’s time to plan the next term in my perfume school, coming up this fall, with two courses at the end of September and beginning of October: Chypres week (September 22-27, 2014) and Leather/Tobacco Week(September 29 - October 3, 2014). Early Bird rates (20% off) are in effect till June 22nd. If you're a new student, please apply by emailing me with a CV and a coverletter.

Correspondence Course, Private Lessons & New Book!

If you are not able to attend my classes in person, you can sign up for my correspondence course which includes the Foundation of Natural Perfumery Book plus 5 one-hour sessions with me via phone/Skype. I also offer private sessions - either in person at my studio, or via phone/Skype for $200/hr -  perfect for students who live remotely and need to brush up on certain lab skills, techniques or want to get personal feedback for their work. The 2014 edition of the  Foundations of Natural Perfumery Book is now available for pre-order, and will be completed late summer/early fall. Pre-orders are helping me greatly in setting off some of the printing and graphic re-design costs, as this will be self published. We are printing it here in Vancouver; and also will be offering an electronic edition online later this year.

Wishing you all a Happy Canada Day, Ramadan Kareem and Happy Fourth of July!


News from the nose: Fatal Fairytales and Fantastic Fragrances for Fall

With September bearing some of the warm light hearted traits of summer and November being the frigid prelude to winter, ominous October is at the chilly heart of Autumn. This time of year evokes images of harvested sun-ripened fruits and vegetables, carved pumpkins, skeleton-leaves and barren trees.
In light of October’s festivities of transformation and harvest, we have found ourselves captivated by a few haunting stories and legends. The beautiful aspect of story-telling, is that whether the stories are fact of fiction, they capture some of the most relatable, fearful, tragic and joyous aspects of life.
We have selected perfumes that capture the mystical optimism as well as fatal darkness of these legends, many of which are centuries old. Whether you choose to embrace or eschew this fantasy-soaked month, we encourage you to immerse yourself in a beautifully written book, doused in a complex perfume that unfolds on the skin like a story, defying logic or reason while tapping into the deepest corners of your soul.

1. Sleeping Beauty - Treazon

Unlike the 1959 animated movie by Walt Disney, the original fairytale of Sleeping Beauty is by no means a lighthearted story. A dark tale written in the 16th century, the story centers on a young beautiful maiden, cursed to sleep forever until she is kissed by her loving man (spiritually interpreted as the awakening of her animus). Treazon, a perfume that celebrates the narcotic tuberose flowers, captures Sleeping Beauty’s underlying theme of corrupted innocence.

2. Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde - Schizm

 Written by Robert Louis Stevenson in 1886, the sinister tale of Dr. Henry Jekyll and Mr. Hyde has mesmerized and horrified readers since it was brought to print. By day Dr. Jekyll is an appraised doctor and by night he is the sinister, murderous Edward Hyde, the line between his true self and alter ego (or “shadow”) gradually becoming more blurry. The classic story of good versus evil is haunting and unsettling because it represents the battle between lightness and darkness that we each carry inside of us. Schizm pays tribute to this universal theme of internal conflict and contradiction. The fragrance opens as a green, dry and earthy fragrance, cool and crisp as the day time. As the scent warms with the heat of one’s skin, the fragrance transforms into a warm, spicy and slightly carnal oriental perfume, as rich and unyielding as the night.

3. Bluebeard – Orcas Beard Oil

The tale of Bluebeard is one of the most terrifying we’ve ever encountered, of a serial-killer husband whose slain wives are discovered in his basement by his young bride. Once the truth comes out, she no longer can live in denial of the predator she picked for a mate. Not only does she cease to believe in the charm of her blue-bearded companion – she needs to fight for her life. However, most deeply speaking, this sinister discovery led to the awakening of her deep, active soul-force and she is able to not only defeat him, but also emerge as a strong woman out of her naive mistake. Orcas Beard Oil is for the bearded gentlemen and ladies among us, and is as cool as the ocean and refreshing as the breeze. You can wear it as a beard or hair perfume, and use it to style your locks.

4. Hansel & Gretl – Black Licorice

Like so many fairy-tales, this childhood favorite combines quintessentially innocent elements of childhood with dark themes of murder, cannibalism, and witchcraft. Playing tribute to the classic treat of the same name, Black Licorice brings to mind dreams of candy houses, ghouls and shadowy nights spent trick-or-treating.  

5. Cinderella - The Purple Dress

The Purple Dress is exotic and enigmatic, evoking images of an elusive yet vibrant woman who comes alive at night but cannot be found in the day. Star anise, black tea, orange juice, honey absolute, orange blossom, and champaca rest on a bed of sandalwood, nutmeg and guiacwood. This fragrance has a duskier mood, yet shimmers with romance and fantasy.

6. Dracula – Incense & Chocolate

 With smoky notes of frankincense, tobacco and myrrh combining with rich, sensual dark chocolate, Incense & Chocolate one-of-a-kind fragrance embodies the cruel yet sultry spirit of Bram Stoker’s Count Dracula as he cursed Christ in a candle-lit, incense-choked church. Truly a signature perfume, the customer that purchases this fragrance also purchases the rights to exclusivity ensuring that this fragrance would only ever be made for them (and those they choose to bite…). Precious notes of olibanum, labdanum, cardamom, and champaca celebrate the coming together of the physical and spiritual realms through the ancient rituals of drinking hot chocolate and burning incense.

7. Jack the Ripper – Espionage

Smoky dim-lit bars and foggy alleys are the settings for many horror stories and murder mysteries. The mysterious unnamed men of the night have always ignited fear into the minds of those who appreciate a good murder story. Espionage's smoky tobacco, leather, vanilla, orris root and tonka bean encapsulate the smell of scotch and cigar smoke that would fill a hidden, alley-way bar at the darkest hour of night.

8. Alice in Wonderland – White Potion

 Louis Carroll’s eccentric story of a young girl who falls down a rabbit hole into an alternate, hyperbole universe is at once optimistic and ominous. The fantasy of the story and of Alice drinking a potion to fit through a tiny door into Wonderland at the beginning of the story is frightening yet captivating in that she is able to experience this strange new land from many different perspectives and is free to do so without the limitations of normal life. An ethereal floriental, White Potion, with notes of tuberose, coconut, tonka bean, ylang-ylang and grapefruit captures the sweet naiveté of Alice as well as the exotic strangeness of Wonderland. We encourage you to try our White Potion chocolate bar – a bite from which might make you bigger or smaller at will. Creamy and decadent white chocolate that is subtly scented with tuberose and embedded with vanilla seeds, almonds and shredded coconut, it is a treat that you will truly never forget – and can even share with children, as it is our mildest of all 4 fragrant bars we’ve created with CocoaNymph.

9. Snow White - InCarnation

Spicy, fiery and unusual, InCarnation is a soliflore tribute to the rich aroma of carnations. Carnations are a flower with many different olfactory facets: green, spicy, creamy, sweet, cool and warm. The ever-changing, slightly carnal scent of this flower is true to the name of this perfume which describes anything that is in the flesh, incarnate. Reincarnation describes the process of one passing and then being born again as a new being, a theme that is present in many legends and fairytales and is predominant in the tale of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Snow White was blessed by her mother to contain the three spiritual colours: white as snow (purity and selflessness), red as blood (passion and zest for life), and black as wood (shadow, the dark side of the psyche). However, Snow White chooses to lead a one-dimensional life “white” life which leads to her fatal death by the red poisoned apple – only to later resurrect as a stronger, more complete person that  musters the courage kill the evil queen. InCarnation perfume features all three colours – white intoxicating tuberose, firey red carnation and warm spices, and black and animalic African stone tincture.

10. La Morte Amoureuse – Dreaming Parallel

Dreaming Parallel is a fragrance inspired by the short story "La Morte Amoureuse” that was written by Théophile Gautier and published in La Chronique de Paris in 1836. This tale takes place in France and is about Romuald, a priest that falls deeply in love with a young woman named Clarimonde who is revealed to be a vampire. The nuances of lust, temptation and evil only succeed at making the love story within “La Morte Amoureuse” more inebriating and powerful. As human beings we yearn for love and security yet we also long for adventure and for this reason, forbidden romance stories with elements of danger never fail to mesmerize audiences. Dreaming Parallel’s sophisticated combination of cassie, costus root, ancient patchouli, leather, narcissus, Turkish rose, violet leaf along with naturally-sourced sweet violet notes of alpha ionone play homage to this dark tale of corruption, seduction and forbidden love. This is a very limited edition and we've only got 3 last bottles remaining.

Wishing you a wonderful harvest season and October festivities!

Ayala & Alicia

News from the Nose: Wear Your Heart On Your Wrist!

Dear Fragrant Friends,

Who says you have to wear your heart on your sleeve just because of some hallmark holiday? How about some subtlety and elegance?! May we suggest we wear it on the wrist instead, where it can be revealed with a tilt of the hand, to be seen (or smelled...) only by those close to our heart (and nose...)!

This winter we teamed up with some of our favourite local artists to bring you some innovative ideas to make this Valentine's Day fun even for those who feel more than half-cynical about it; and bring a hint of originality to the die-hard Valentines among you…

Click here to continue reading the newsletter...

News from the Nose: Holiday Gift Guide

Dear Fragrant Friends,

The past two months were full with many many studio guests, students and shipments of new candles and teas (these have been selling out fast!).

I feel very grateful and am thankful for your support over the years and for spreading the word about my little perfumery. Tomorrow being Thanksgiving in the USA, there is no better timing for expressing my gratitude for being able to support my family by doing the work that I love, while bringing beautiful fragrances to many lives and homes - the natural way - not to mention two new locations in Vancouver and an interview on Sniffapalooza magazine!

Happy Thanksgiving and wishing you all the best for this upcoming holiday season! And may it be stress-free and most joyful!

In this newsletter:

Two New Vancouver Locations

Ayala Moriel is proud to announce two new locations in Vancouver where you can find our products: Belmondo and Beyond Pilates.

Belmondo Skin Care Studio, situated at the prestigious Electra Health Floor, 970 Burrard Street, tel. (604)685-4325 is an organic skin care studio, where you can get a full organic facial and body treatments and complementary massages. The atmosphere at Belmondo is especially relaxed because of the Daniela's lovable and most pleasant personality, which makes every visit there a real treat.

Belmondo now offers Ayala Moriel's candles, teas and gift sets of samples + gift cards alongside their organic skin care products from Eminence.

Noam Gagnon's Wellness Centre - Beyond Pilates is Ayala's favourite Pilates studio in town if not in the entire world. The teachers are incredibly knowledgeable, kind and helpful in everyway and most importantly - have a great sense of humour! The place has a unique ambience, with state of the art equipment and decor and the air always smell good, because there is always a scented candle burning! Noam's favourite candles from Ayala Moriel are Bois d'Hiver and White Potion.

Beyond Pilates will be offering select perfumes (Bois d'Hiver, ArbitRary, Immortelle l'Amour, White Potion, Roses et Chocolat) in the purse-roll-on size and their matching tea and/or candle as of the first week of December 2008.

Beyond Pilates is located on 928 Davie Street @ Burrard, Vancouver, BC, V6Z 1B8

Tel. (604) 684-9711

Visit Portobello West this Weekend & Enter to Win "The Gift of Health"

It's hard to believe that yet another month has gone by and it's already time for Portobello West!

This coming Sunday, November 30th is Portobello West Art + Fashion Market, at the Rocky Mountaineer Station (Cottrel & Terminal Ave.). This one fashion and art event can single-handedly take care of most if not all the holiday shopping for you. If this is not a reason enough - how about this:

a) Visit my table and enter the draw to win The Gift of Health - a gift certificate for a full week of unlimited Pilates classes @ Beyond Pilates!

Simply put your name, email and tel. no. in the draw hat and the winner will be announced Sunday night.

b) Not quite as healthy - but definitely as good: I will be making my two most popular (and my own personal favourite) chocolate truffles for the market: Blood Truffles and Guilt Truffles. You won't believe how good they are till you try!

The Gift of Choice: Gift Cards + Sampler Sets

Give your loved one the fragrant gift of choice this season: a gift certificate from Ayala Moriel Parfums (pictured above). These gift cards look especially cute and presentable with the satin bow tied through them, and can be customized for any budget.

The giftee also receives a complementary fragrance consultation to help them find the best scent or samples from the Ayala Moriel perfume collection.

Gift cards are posted on the website in values of $65 (the cost of a purse-roll-on), $110 (parfum extrait) and $550 (signature perfume), but if none of these numbers or gift ideas are what you have in mind, we will be happy to send you a PayPal request for the total amount you are interested in.

We've also put together a few fabulous sampler gift boxes, to be accompanied by a gift card. This way they can pick for themselves which scent they want after trying a few of the fragrances.

There's an 8-sample package of our top-selling perfumes with a gift card of $65 (to go towards a purse-roll-on or any other purchase), and a more elaborate 15-sampler set with a $160 gift certificate.

For the men in your life: a sampler set of our 10 masculine fragrances + $110 gift certificate.

And for the floral lover: Language of Flowers soliflore gift set
includes a sample gift box of all 12 perfumes, plus a $110 gift

The Gift of Light: Candle Gift Sets

Candles are the best treat in the dark and cold winter and a perfect accompaniment for the holiday season. Relax and enjoy the warmth of the indoors with Ayala Moriel's new candle collection. Some of the candles (i.e.: Bois d'Hiver and ArbitRary) also have the extra benefit of chasing away bacteria nd virus in the air because of the properties of the essential oils within them (coniferous, spice and citrus oils in particular).

These beautiful candles can be enjoyed alone, or while wearing the perfume that inspired them. That's why we offer them gift-wrapped and for a $10 discount when you buy Bois d'Hiver or ArbitRary perfume + candle together.

The Gift of Sharing: Teas and Truffles

Tea and chocolate are best enjoyed with somebody special. Our unique collection of beautifully perfumed teas and seductive hand-rolled chocolate truffles make a perfect gift for the holiday, one that is sure to be used up and most likely shared with others and make the holidays more memorable and relaxing.

As I mentioned on my previous newsletter, this is the time of the year where chocolate truffles are available on a regular basis (pretty much), and can be shipped across the country without the risk of melting.

Pick your flavour and we will make a special batch for you of 40-50 truffles at a time of
a flavour of your choice and are perfect for events and for
gift-giving. These exquisite truffles can be either served at your home
or business for holiday parties or wrapped individually in gift boxes to
pass on to special friends and colleagues. All flavours are sold for
$60 a batch.

Alternatively, you can pick a gift box from the current available flavour (we make a new flavour every week or so). This week I'm making the Blood Truffles (dark chocolate with rose otto, saffron and chili and a shot of Kahluah) and Guilt Truffles (dark chocolate with orange blossom and wild orange essences and a shot of Grand Mariner). These melt-in-your-mouth truffles are made with dark chocolate (75% cocoa) and organic whipping cream and are sold in gift-box for $12 per 8 truffles.

Tea Time Gift Sets

Our Tea-Time gift sets are an excellent way to incorporate fragrance and flavour. Wearing the perfume while sipping the tea gives the experience a whole new dimension.

Available in Immortelle l'Amour and Roses et Chocolat.

The GIft of Creativity: Gift Making Workshops at the Studio

During the fall and winter, I invite you to join me at the studio for a series of inspiring workshops that will help you get ready for the holidays with unique hand-scented gifts and holiday menus and recipes.

You will leave each workshop with gifts ready to go under the tree, that you have made yourself and smell wonderful!

The workshops offered include, among others:

Can’t make it for your desired workshop on our calendar? - Contact us to book your own private workshop with a group of friends (up to 6 people). (778) 863-0806. We’ll do our best to accommodate your schedule and help you get ready for the holidays in a fun, relaxed & inspiring way!
Gift idea: Our workshop make an excellent gift. This is a great way to spend time with your friends and family, while being creative and productive. We will be happy to accommodate your group as long as you book it enough in advance.

Workshops can be booked in advance online here.

Interview on Snifnfapalooza Magazine

The mid-November issue of Sniffapalooza Magazine includes an interview with Ayala Moriel by Raphaella Brescia Barkley.

"Flowers always fascinated me. As a little girl, I would admire and
study their structure, shapes, colors and patterns. I always felt that
they had their own language. In a sense, the soliflore collection is
the grown-up incarnation of this flower obsession; only this time, the
emphasis is on the olfactory language rather than the visual. Each
soliflore is a micro-cosmos with its own mood, texture, rhythm and

Holiday Party & Open House December 21st

Come celebrate the holiday season and light the first Hanukah candle with Ayala.

Perfumed teas and truffles will served in abundance (naturally) as well as other aromatic and seasonal treats, including, of course – the infamous Sahleb pudding-drink!

This party is a wonderful opportunity and a cozy environment for you to meet other local perfume lovers who shares your passion of natural perfumery, and experience our new line of candles, Sahleb perfume, and more.

When: December 21st, 6pm-10pm

Where: #314-1230 Haro Street, Buzz #295

RSVP by December 15th or call (778) 863-0806

I couldn't have possibly covereverything we have in store for you in this gift guide. For more gift ideas, visit our Gifts Page or Ayala's Etsy Shop for rare finds (poison rings, etc.). And of course call us anytime so we can help you find the perfect gift and personalize it for you!

Warm regards and Happy Holidays!

Ayala Moriel Parfums
My SmellyBlog: SmellyBlog.com
Tel.: (778) 863-0806
Address: 1230 Haro Street, Buzz #295,Vancouver, BC
Hours: Mon-Thu 8:00am-4:00pm; Sundays & evenings by appointment only
Address: PO Box 93589 Nelson Park, Vancouver, BC, V6E 4L7

News from the Nose: Ayala Moriel's Winter 2007 Newsletter

Click here to read Ayala Moriel's latest news, or continue to read below...

News from the Nose: Ayala Moriel's Winter Newsletter

In this newsletter:

New Retail Locations!

This season is a very exciting time for Ayala Moriel Parfums, as our perfumes are now offered in several new and very prestigious locations. For our Los Angeles and Japanese customers - you can now get your scents directly from:

Blunda Aromatics
304. So. Edinburgh Ave
Los Angeles, CA
Tel: (323) 658 7507
e-mail: info@blundaaromatics.com

Lovely Antiques
169-27 Sakura-dai
Noda-City, Chiba, 278-0032
Tel: 04-7124-5724
Mobile: 090-6566-8802
e-mail: info@blundaaromatics.com

Immortelle l'Amour - New Perfume and Ayala Moriel's First Tea Blend!

This November, my newest perfume addition to my ready-to-wear fragrance collection is a perfume that I hold dear to my heart. I chose the dark maple-like aroma of immortelle (everlasting) flowers to play the lead role in this romantic, aromatic harmony. It also contains three different infusions of vanilla (vanilla absolute, CO2 and vanilla beans that I have infused myself), along with rooibos tea, wheat absolute, broom, sweet orange and cinnamon. Immortelle l'Amour is darkly sweet and hopelessly romantic.

To read more about the inspiration for Immortelle l'Amour, click here.

To purchase Immortelle l'Amour, click here.

Later in November, Immortelle l'Amour will also be available in a tea form, another heart-warming way in which botanical aromatics can be enjoyed... Immortelle l'Amour tea will be a rooibos based tea blend, infused with vanilla beans, orange peel and cinnamon created and hadncrafted especially for us by Dawna Ehman of Inner Alchemy Tea Co. in Vancouver. If you love tea, and particularly rooibos and vanilla, it will be wisest to pre-order your own tea-box, as quantities are extremely limited.

Smelly Stocking Stuffers and other Gift Ideas

Looking for ideas for the perfect gift this season? Our sample packages and Miniature Fragrance Wardrobes make a perfect stocking stuffers. And of course there is the ultimate gift - a custom scent especially designed for your special someone! Put it on your wishlist or you can purchase a gift certificate for a custom scent - simply by purchasing online and emailing us to let us know this is a gift. We will gift wrap your order upon request, or send a gift certificate per your request.

Ayala Moriel's Referral Program

To thank you for spreading the word about my little perfumery, for every time you refer someone to us you will receive $25 off your next purchase - effective towards both workshops and perfume orders (excluding sample purchases).

Candle Making Workshop and other DIY Holiday Gift-Making Workshops

Don't miss this rare opportunity to learn how to make beautiful, all-natural scented soy-wax candles with candle expert and artisan Nikki Sherrit of Garbiel's Aunt. Nikki will be coming to Ayala Moriel's Studio especially from Seattle to teach this workshop - and help you get your holiday gifts ready in the most creative and scentual way possible, the DIY way! Click here and visit our calendar for more details and to read about other workshops and classes offered this winter at Ayala Moriel Parfums studio - we will be offering other great opportunities for you to handcraft your own original gifts, including scented greeting cards, personal perfumes, body products and more!

Foundation of Natural Perfumery Course

In February 2008, Ayala Sender will be offering a unique course for those interested in pursuing a career in the field of Natural Perfumery. Spaces are extremely limited to ensure each students receives one-on-one guidance as much as possible, and includes 5 small group classes and 1 personal studio session with the perfumer. Click here for more details and course syllabus.

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