Must Read: Los Angeles Indie Perfumers

Denise Hamilton has interviewed some of Los Angeles' indie perfumers for this Los Angeles Times article - Indie Perfumers Finding Sweet Scent of Success: Sarah Horowitz, Kedra Hart (Opus Oils), Brent Leonesio (SmellBent), Roxana Villa (Roxana Illuminated Perfumes), Keiko Mecheri and more from the West Coast's growing community of artisan and indie perfumers.

White Ball of Musk with a Black, Dirty Center

"(...)My friend left the party with a huge bottle of Roederer Cristal Rosé Champagne that we christened the new store with the next day. Then I had this idea of doing a white ball of musk with a black, dirty center that would be the symbol of the city." (Fabrice Penot for Los Angeles Times)

Le Labo launched their LA exclusive, Musc 25, which costs twice as much as the rest of their collection and contains white musc, ambergris, patchouli, rose, amber, vetiver and a human semen note. Not having smelled it, I shouldn't be casting judgement so fast but if it's anything like the semen note in the shuddering Secretions Magnifique, I suggest you get your semen-smelling kick from a different source, where it is probably given for free and while may not bear your name and date of purchase on it like the Le Labo bottle, could possibly have other more amusing side-effects and personalized features.

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