Sakura Mochi

Sakura Mochi, originally uploaded by Ayala Moriel.

Sakura Mochi is a pretty pastry prepared almost exclusively during the Hanami season. Like most Japanese pastries, it is made from glutenous rice and is filled with an azuki bean paste. What's really special about these though is that they are tinted pink and wrapped in a pickled cherry leaf!
Do not unwrap the leaf before eating; the leaf along with the pastry creates an unusual texture, and most surprisingly - has the aroma of cherry blossoms!

Pretty, delicious, exotic and very appropriate for spring - and to top it all off, since there is no wheat in this pastry, Sakura Mochi is perfect for Passover - unless you are observing very restrictive Kosher rules.

Happy Passover and Happy Cherry Blossom Festival!

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