The Non-Blonde Reviews Sandal Ale and Musk Malabi

Sandal Ale got noticed by Gaia from The Non Blonde: "The tension between raw wood, apricots preserved in cognac, and old-fashioned ginger ale that captures your attention and causes the age-old wrist-to-nose compulsion".

And this is what Gaia had for Musk Malabi: "A treat for musk-heads... I want to bathe in this stuff". 

To read the full review, visit The Non Blonde. Leave a comment at her blog and/or below for a chance to win a sample of each!  

Épice Sauvage Featured on The Non-Blonde

"Ayala (...) is a jasmine sorceress. She takes this somewhat problematic note and brings out the best in it. Hot summer nights in a beautiful faraway land, the sensuality and the more delicate aspects of jasmine are woven together with the spices into a heady perfume that is all silk and color".

Visit The Non-Blonde to read Gaia's review of Épice Sauvage in it's entirety.

P.s. Personally, I think the sorcery belongs entirely to the jasmine flower itself! Anything this essence touches turns into magic!
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