Chicological Article About Natural Perfumes

Visit Chicological - Josie Maran's blog to read article by Carrie Meredith of Eyeliner on a Cat titled When Perfume is Not Just a Smell: Exploring Naturals.
It has quotes from Mandy Aftel and myself about the art of natural perfumery and what makes it so special. And I was particularly moved by Carrie's own commentary on her experience of naturals:
"Writing about natural fragrances has become a multi-sensory experience for me. I visualize images, feel textures, fabrics. I see swathes of vibrant colors, patchworks of different styles of visual art. As all my senses are exercised, so too, are my emotions. Reviewing natural perfumes is an engaging and challenging experience for me, a sort of self-guided therapy with an ode to mother nature".
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