Happy Halloween!

Clarimonde by Ayala Moriel
Clarimonde, a photo by Ayala Moriel on Flickr.
Wishing you a bountiful trick-or-treating night, and reconnecting with the spirit world...

Tonight I'm celebrating with Dreaming Parallel, the perfume I created last year for the Clarimonde project. There are 2 bottles remaining from this haunting limited edition of half-faded roses, dark violets, musk, turn of the century patchouli and cloves, carnation, narcissus and dragon's blood (it's an actual plant resin, which is as red as blood and which I've ground and tinctured especially for this vampire-perfume). The last 2 bottles are presented in a little hand-painted wooden coffin.

And, you got a couple of hours still to take advantage of free shipping on my website for orders of $100 or more :-) 

Clarimonde Masquerade

As Halloween approaches, Clarimonde is prepares for her 3 nights long masquerade and perfume exhibit at MiN New York. Curated by Lucy Raubertas of Indieperfumes, the Clarimonde Project began last summer, culminating in a series of Clarimonde inspired perfumes, Pinterest.

Participating creatures:
Mandy Aftel - Oud Luban
Dawn Spencer Hurwitz - Paradise Lost
Aroma M and Alexis Karl - Immortal Mine
Monica Miller - perfumed lip stains
Deana Sidney - perfumed chocolate port
Ayala Moriel - dream pillow + Dreaming Parallel perfume

If you haven't read the story yet - you can listen to the audio recording of the story read by Joy Chan.
Also, for those in Vancouver - Ayala Moriel will be presenting Dreaming Parallel perfume at the Afternoon Tea with A Vampire October 28th (2-5pm). 
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