Perfumers Workshops on CaFleureBon - Leather Interview

Ayala Moriel and Sarah Horowitz were interviewed by David Falsberg for his Perfumers Workshop "Meme" series about leather and gardenia accords and bases. Leave a comment on CaFleureBon to enter into a draw for a chance to win a trio samples of my cult fragrance Espionage, quintessential green perfume Grin and gardenia soliflore GiGi. 

Bad Girl Perfumes on Cafleurebon + Giveaway

Monica Miller of Cafleurebon picked 6 perfumes from my collection to unleash your inner bad girl.
Which bad girl are you? What perfume do you wear when you want to connect with your dark side? And how do these perfume act your magic on you? Post a comment and enter to win a mini bottle of a naughty perfume of your choice.
Leave a comment on Cafleurebon too and increase your chances to win!
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