The Chef is Naked and He Smells

Joining the celebrity scent craze is Jamie Olivler, aka The Naked Chef, who is launching not just one scent but an entire line titled Scent and Savour designed by British perfumer Bella Crane of Bella Blissima.
The Scent and Savour line is already posted on Jamie Oliver's website, without much information about it. But we do know it will include the Naked Chef's very own 4 (yes, four!) Eaux de Parfum, so that he would at least be wearing a fragrance even when caught seemingly naked; a bunch of products for the body (bath milks, soap on the rope, body washes, body milks, etc.) AND home fragrances (i.e.: reed diffusers, candles and room sprays). The website says absolutely nothing about what these will smells like, therefore leaving it to our imagination whether it is going to smell like "The Easiest, Sexiest Salad in the World'" (notes of fig, parma ham and fresh greens and basil), "Whole Roasted Salmon Wrapped in Herbs and Newspaper" (notes of salmon, paper, ink, black pepper, fennel and sea salt) or "Pukka Pineapple with Bashed-up Mint Sugar" (notes of pineapple, mint, and yogurt). Alternatively, the scents might very possibly named "Poppy Honey Rosie", "Daisy Boo Pamela" and "Petal Blossom Rainbow" (the names of the chef's three daughters). But we can only wonder what the 4th one might be?

Either way, this is probably the most exciting fragrance launch I've seen in a while, celebrity or not, and I can only hope they won't disappoint!
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