• Solar Incense

Solar Incense

Solar Incense
I love finding new combinations for incense (and perfume...). Here's a new combo I've discovered yesterday while we were trying tidfferent ideas for loose incense. The beauty of this blends that aside from the frankincense, the ingredients are found right in your spice cabinet!
This is a very warm, sweet and cozy formula, that feels as if it cleanses the space but also brings sweetness in (from the cinnamon).

Here's the recipe:
12 Frankincense Tears (pulverized)
1 Bay Leaves (crushed or crumbled by hand)
4 Cinnamon bark (crumbled and pulverized)
Measure and process until all ingredients reach a similar size (not finely powder, but crushed into small pieces). Place on a hot charcoal and burn.
A great way to start a cold winter day. Enjoy!

Solar Incense

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