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Mastic Magic

Mastic Wreath
On January 8, 2018, I had the pleasure and honour to co-host a day-long workshop with Dan Riegler of Apothecary's Garden, who came all the way from Canada for some resinous adventures in the Holy Land. Here are some photos from our day together, along with 5 students from across the country.
Mastic Wreath

Mastic wreaths, to greet you at the door. Harvesting mastic branches and separating the leaves for distillation was part of the practical side of the workshop. We also dabbled in some very basic basketry related skills, turning these branches into a decorative chain. 
Mastic leaf distillation (Hydrosol)
Here is the still (a converted couscousiere) which we used to demonstrate distillation process. We produced only distillate waters (hydrosol). 
Preparing mastic leaves for distillation

Dan setting up the still and crushing the mastic leaves a bit more...

Lunch with a view

We went over to my brother's on our break, to enjoy lunch he cooked especially for us, and enjoy the beautiful view from his porch.

Mastic Branches, Leaves & Resin
Mastic before it's getting crushed and macerated over low heat with olive oil to create a mastic-olive oil infusion. 
Canadian beeswax - yum!
Beeswax from Canada, which along with the mastic-infused olive oil was handcrafted into a healing salve (great for treating eczema and other skin conditions). 
Mastic resin from Chios, Greece. 

Incense pastilles
Incense pastilles - made from mastic and frankincense tears, to which we've added mastic leaf tincture and other aromatics to create a customized incense "candy". These can be enjoyed by warming them over an electric hot plate or an essential oil diffuser, or placing over a charcoal like you would with loose incense.

Hope to see you next time for another great botanical workshop! 

  • Apothecary's GardenCourseDan RieglerHerbalismLocal PlantsMasticMasticaOlfactory EducationWorkshop
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