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Fresh Guava Salsa

Fresh Guava Salsa

Guava is definitely what is called "an acquired taste", but I think that's not true. You either like it or you don't. And I happened to love it!
That's why I've planted two trees in my orchard. And when both of them decide to bear fruit, it's overwhelming even for me. I try to make everything that I possibly can from guavas, and still have more left that I don't get around to eat. I eat one or two straight from the tree for a pre-breakfast, a couple more for snacks throughout the day, I put them in smoothies (so delicious with strawberry, banana, mango, coconut milk, etc.); I put them in fresh salsa to go with our breakfast (along with fresh green chili, tomatoes, cilantro and lime juice). This is something that does not seem to need a recipe but here it goes - and feel free to substitute guava for any fresh fruit you love! i.e. mango, pineapple, peach, and whatever else you have in season. Succulent fruits are the best, but guavas, being creamy and all, work just fine with a little help from the tomato and that also makes for a fresh salsa that keeps in the fridge for a few days without becoming too soggy. 

1 large guava 

1 large size tomato, with the stem "naval" removed

1 small sweet onion (white)

juice from half a lime

a pinch of salt

a handful of chopped fresh cilantro (spearmint will also go well here)

one small green chilli (i.e.: jalapeño, or a hotter chilli if you like your food hotter), seeded and sliced 

- Wash and dry all the vegetable and fruits

- Seed the guava by removing its core with a table spoon or a grapefruit spoon (you really don't want to accidentally bite into one of those seeds while trying to chew on all your other food, it would hurt). Mince the guava flesh thinly, or grate it on a coarse grater 

- Remove the stem and "naval" from the tomato and mince it

- Remove the seeds from the green chili pepper, and slice it thinly

- Mince the sweet onion

- Mix all that you've chopped so far, sprinkle with salt and add a squeeze of a half a lime

- Chop the cilantro very thinly

- Add the cilantro and mix well just before serving 

- This fresh fruit salsa is fantastic with quesadillas, tacos and as a "dip" for nachos. It's also good as a small side salad or condiment with other dishes, such as white fish, rice and beans, etc.   

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    Ayala Sender
  • GuavaGuava SalsaRecipeSalsa Recipe
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