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Eucalyptus & Redwood, Continued


Continuing to work on my Eucalyptus & Redwood perfume today... I think there were a few points missing from my last post - one is the overall feel I want for it is very much like the America's "Horse With No Name" song (see clip below). The other is that moment in Willow Wood in Graton on a very hot day when I tried a strange herbal tea (I can't recall the name and could not find it on their menu online) they had on their menu - I cannot remember the name of the tea, but it certainly had conifer leaves in it, and for all I care it could have been redwood twigs. It tasted like steeped sage with dried twigs for starting fire... And with the temperatures being over 30c that day - it was definitely not a good choice for a tea... It only accentuated how hot and dry the day was. And it would have probably been much tastier with honey, on a rainy day or at least somewhat cooler...

In short, what I want the Eucalyptus & Redwood perfume* to smell like - I'd like to keep the entire perfume dry, woody, a little medicinal and uncompromisingly so. It will capture that overheated dryness, dustiness of trees and baked woods. I'm going to try and see what happens when I add Texas cedarwood and some Zdravetz to all the Australian notes I put together a few nights ago (Eucalyptus Dives, Buddha Wood, Australian Sandalwood and Blue Cypress).

* This is a working title only, by the way, which could very possibly remain with a working title and never be sold anywhere; for me creating perfumes is like writing a journal, and is the best way I can express myself.
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