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Green Fava Beans

fava beans, originally uploaded by Catbus.

As a perfumer, there are not very many scents that I don’t like. But if you asked me what is my most hated scent on earth, I would answer with no hesitation – green fava beans!
The uncooked fresh green fava beans, as well as the whole plant, has a very green yet sickening aroma. In fact, it is mildly poisonous to eat fresh peels of green fava beans. But once they are cooked, they can make an exotic and unusual dish – much like the lovely and crisp green beans can. They are a delicatessen with tomato and red pepper sauce. If you make your green beans with tomato sauce, try to make them with green fava beans and you will be happily surprised by its flavour and texture.

  • BotanyJournalSpringTravel
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