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Patchouli Thoughts

6-1-06 Crack, originally uploaded by Artbandito.

A cloudy day today. A bit chilly. A reminder that summer will come to an end sooner than we would like to believe.

I took the opportunity for working on some warmer perfumes today. Maybe a love-elixir for the winter. So today I started to work on a “red” potion, a warm and sensual blend of patchouli, cocoa and roses. This simple triad smells heavenly on its own, and there is no need to add much to it to make it stand out. These three speak for themselves.

As I sink the drops into the vessel filled with alcohol, the pipettes immerse me with their scents. Earthy patchouli, as dry dirt, thirsty for rain. Like the scent that is released from the earth as I water the trees, orchards and gardens. Lumps of earth yield themselves to a stream of water coming from a black plastic hose. Falling apart, drifting, melting into the gathering water, and turning into deep-reddish-brown toned mud. What a fine soil, a solid foundation for roses, a good consistency for muddy chocolate-cakes…

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