• Brooklyn, August 24th 2006
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Brooklyn, August 24th 2006

It was a new moon, and this sign was displayed on the elevator at 770 Eastern Parkway at Kingston, otherwise known simply as “770”. The history of the place can be googled without further instruction, and if you can see through the flowers, you can even read about it on this blog.

- A place where one cannot even recognize his own brother, yet feels among family;

a place where the chill of Jerusalemite catacombs and the happiness of poverty reigns;

a place that resides somewhere between the Ghettos of yesteryear and Agnus Day of tomorrow;

A place that giveth and taketh away;

A place that magnetizes as much as it repels;

A place of light and of great darkness, where myriads of bagels vanish in a cloud of horseradish and Talmud lessons.

A place that is about the people not as much as it’s about the place; or maybe it’s just another place.

Love, Truth and Knowledge...?
  • JournalNew YorkPhotography
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