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Chocolate Factory

Chocolate Factory I, originally uploaded by ElseKramer.

ריח של שוקולד Smell of Chocolate
מילים: יהונתן גפן Lyrics: Yehonatan Geffen
לחן: יוני רכטר Music: Yoni Rechter


בסוף רמת גן יש מקום מיוחד At the edge of Ramat Gan there's a special place
שם אפשר לעמוד ולהריח שוקולד Where you can stand and smell Chocolate in the air

יש שם בית גבוה גבוה בלי חלונות עם שלוש ארובות There's a big tall house with three chimneys and no windows
ושלושים מכונות יום ולילה עובדות And thirty machines inside working all day and night
ושבעים פועלים עם סינר וכפפות Seventy workers in aprons and mitts
מכינים שוקולד בכל הצורות Making chocolate of every kind.

שוקולד קטן ושוקולד גדול Small Chocolate, Big chocolate
שוקולד יקר ושוקולד בזול Expensive chocolate, cheap chocolate
שוקולד אגוזים ושוקולד סתם Chocolate with nuts, and chocolate plain
לעשירים ולכולם והריח בחינם For the rich people, and for all
וכל האזרחים עוצרים ומריחים...And all the citizens stop and smell

עוצרים הילדים שרצים בשכונה The kids stop, running in the street
עוצר האוטובוס מעבר לפינה The bus stops around the corner
החתולים מפסיקים לברוח מהכלבים The cats stop running away from the dots
השוטרים עומדים ליד הגנבים The cops stand next to the thieves
כולם מביטים אל הארובות Everybody gazes uup to the chimneys
ולאט לאט, האף שלהם, And slowly slowly, their nose
מתמלא בריח של שוקולד fills up with the smell of chocolate

שוקולד קטן ושוקולד גדול... Chorus: Small chocolate, big chocolage

בסוף רמת גן יש מקום מיוחדAt the edge of Ramat Gan there is a special place
שם אפשר לעמוד ולהריח שוקולד. Where people can stand and smell chocolate

Image from DVDBEAVER.com

When I lived in Ramat-Gan, a part of Greater Tel Aviv, where the Elit Chocolate Factory resides, I could smell the chocolate everyday on the way to work. The building is grey and melancholy looking, just like any busy factory. But this concerned no one. The fragrance of chocolate that wafted in the air within about a mile radius around the factory was the best start imaginable for a morning – particularly on a winter day. And what more – smelling chocolate has none of the (down)side-effects of eating it, even early in the morning. It was pure indulgence.

Amour de Cacao is just this: the scent of a laborious chocolate factory, sweet and rich and creamy and oh so tasty. Today, the first day of weather that does not resemble melted chocolate, I got into the browny mood of warmth and chocolate. I sprayed myself generously without feeling in the least overpowered. I am walking all day in an invisible cloud of rich chocolate, slightly caramely, with nutty undertones of walnuts and roasted coffee beans. Light as cocoa powder, without the sneeze. Pure pleasure.

Comptoir Sud Pacifique original Amour de Cacao is the first full bottle from this line that I proudly added to my collection. Being notorious for loving complex perfumes with dark and winding stories, I found it difficult to choose a fragrance from this line of candy-store scents. I loved many, but none really grabbed my attention beyond the novelty – Vanille Banane, Ananas Vanille, Coco et Vanille, Vanille Abricot – these are all sumptuous and mouthwatering, but not something I would like to have on my skin for very long. Tiare is another gorgeous creation (particularly the original one), and so is Écume de Thé (which also changed formulation recently, unfortunately). Many thanks to Esti from Make Up Alley for sharing this special scent with me!

P.s. I was planning to continue with reviews of a few last summery scents, but, alas, the weather here is cool and invites brown scents. If I will not post my other beach-scents reviews soon they might need to wait till next summer...

  • Chocolate PerfumeComptoir Sud PacifiquePerfume Review
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