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Chypre Week!

SmellyBlog is proud to announce Chypre Week - a week-full of chypre-scented thoughts, chypre reviews, articles. The first post to open this week is an interesting question I got from a SmellyBlog reader from Nebraska, which you can read below.

Although I can promise you that the whole week will be full of chypre, I cannot promise you that by the end of the week there will be no more chypre related posts. It is very likely that the chypre week will go above and beyond what's planned for it schedule wise. Chypre is my weakness (or is it my strength?).

So sit back, put on your favourite chypre and enjoy this Chypre week and the beginning of Fall... Here in Vancouver Fall seems to not want to come in yet. Still sunny. Not quite cold. But I think it's time to take out the warm and cozy Chypres anyways and start talking about them!
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