• The Magic of Chypre
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The Magic of Chypre

The magic of Chypre lies in their amazing versatility and the unique aura they impart. Chypre perfume radiate a certain warmth and sensuality that is both intriguing and appealing.

From a creative point of view, Chypres offer endless possibilities for creation of original and unusual fragrant statements. There are 8 different sub-categories for Chypre, and they are all quite different from one another: Chypre Fruity, Animalic, Floral, Fresh, Green, Woody, Leathery and Coniferous. The extreme versatility of the chypre accord (usually consisting of oakmoss, labdanum, patchouli and vetiver to certain degrees) works well with almost any note imaginable, so it’s always possible to create something fresh and new with Chypres.

The Chypre basenotes are also very tenacious and improve the diffusive quality and their excellent fixative qualities provide a lasting staying power.

Chypre is an accord that resonates with dynamic harmony: although the notes blend into each other, there is always interesting evolution and movement between the different elements of Chypre. This prevent boredom and offers a balanced scent that is easy to wear in almost any situation, mood or weather. I have worn Chypres during the dog days of summer with just as much pleasure as in coldest and darkest winters and crisp autumn days. Chypre scents are seductive just as much as they are proper and elegant.

  • ChypreDecoding Obscure NotesFragrance FamilyOakmoss
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