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Contest Reminder!

Don't forget to enter Ayala's Perfume Review Contest! The more reviews you post on Basenotes and Make Up Alley, the more chances you have to win one of three cool prizes - Pure Parfums or a Perfumed Pendant from Ayala Moriel!

For more details visit our original Perfume Review Contest announcement.

Also, don't forget to post comments on SmellyBlog this month. Each comment means a contribution of $1 to Autism Community Training in BC. We hope that you will also get inspired to contribute to autism organizations in your community. Money is not the only way to contribute: increasing awareness to neurological disorders and other developmental conditions and sharing your stories if you know people with autism or other disabilities is not any less important. Poeple with disabilities are part of our community and contribute to it just as much as people without disability!
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