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2006 Bestsellers

This post will be the first in a series of three to summarize the year 2006. It's going to be sweet and short, because I am very tired, but I may add a bit more and elaborate when I wake up tomorrow. This list, that is to say, is the bestsellers of Ayala Moriel Parfums.

Ayalitta has always been popular, without me needing to push it. I think it's natural charm and cheerful innocence makes it just hard to resist. That is if you a chypre lover of course, and particularly if you love greens. I am very pleased to see that there is still room for chypres in this world, even though this genre of fragrances is threatened to become extinct.

This year was definitley Espionage's breakthrough. After being an underground perfumes worn only by the perfumer (it's my signature perfume), it finally made its way to the hearts of a few others who seem to love it dearly.
Espionage is a leathery perfume, starting out smoky and woody, and drying down to a skin-scent comprised of vanilla and daring vegetale musks.

The perfume inspired by my daughter, Tamya, happen to be as heart-capturing as her expressive blue eyes. I feel like I've done something right here, as it seems to maintain it's fresh take on florals, and it smells superb on men too!

One of my earliest yet most controversial concoctions, the dichotomy of this fragrance seems to work its magical spell to this very moment. The white florals (tuberose, orange blossom and jasmien) are intoxicating, while moss and wild mushrooms add an earthy and sexual depth that is carnal and free and classy, all at once.

The most approachable Middle-Eastern peacemaker - dark-roasted coffee sweetened and spiced with cardamom - seems to bring peace to those who wear it in a parfum form rather than drink it. It's not the caffeine, but rather the aroma of coffee, sweet balsams, honey and spices that brings a sense of well-being and comfort.

I want to thank all of my customers for making my dream come true. Your support of my business makes it not only sustainable, but also keeps alive something that I feel is really special in the world of perfumery.

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