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No, this is not about the perfume by Moschino (though this will come too). This is a new "column" (or listing) so to speak, dedicatedfor perfumes that are relatively affordable, yet have high quality or unique style that make them unique (in my opinion, anyways), including the links to their review here on SmellyBlog.

If you know of a fragrance that is unique yet dirt cheap, please contact me and tell me what you like about it. Only fragrances that can be found cheap also in a brick & mortar store would be included (not those which are only discounted online). You get my drift...The following are just a few favourites of mine:


CocoVanilla (Alyssa Ashley)

Ode a l'Amour (Yves Rocher)

Monoi de Tahiti Body Spray or Body Oil (Yves Rocher)


Musk Vanilla (Coty)

White Musk (The Body Shop)

Youth Dew Bath Oil
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