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First Perfume Party / Open House

The pictures from the open house turned out extremely blurry, so I am putting up a little collage of thumbnails for those of you who weren't able to make it ;)
It was plenty of fragrant and social fun, in an intimate setting. We enjoyed together perfume, Okanagan wines and orange blossom truffles. For our "under-age" guests we served a gourmet virgin-cocktail of white cranberry-grape juice flavoured with orange flower water, and vanilla-rooibos tea.

We did a few collecting sniffing rounds - first of rose perfumes (Rosebud, Cabaret, Fete d'Hiver...), and than a round of masculine fragrances, which the ladies found they love tremendously! Lastly, all the guests got to try the latest creations for the soliflore collection - my new ylang ylang soliflore, Coralle, and Tirzah - a linden blossom soliflore which will come out in June. But also - those who attended got a sniff of preview of perfumes that won't be coming out until the fall! I can't tell you too much about them, except that they are going to be utterly delicious.

Each guest got a fragrance consultation and a personalized sample set, and got to try on different scents as well as pieces from the collectible perfumed jewelry (gem-stoned poison rings and solid perfume lockets).

This open house is the first of many monthly events such as this. The next one will be on Saturday, June 16th to celebrate the launch of Tirzah, and will also have lots of other surprises (TBA). If you are in Vancouver you shouldn't miss it!

Picture above (from left to right, top to bottom): Vinni, Sandra and Ayala sniffing along (some of us even compared sniffing armpits instead of coffee... it looks funny but it works LOL); Colleen (who helped me to pull this together not just by myself - thank you!), and Christen with the roses.
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