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Spring in Heaven

Spring in Heaven2- 2006, originally uploaded by Bodidly.

Save Mount Hermon!
This is non-perfume related, but nature related. Particularly if you know what this special mountain means: the only snowing mountain in Israel (other parts of the mountain are in Lebanon and Syria), which makes the habitat for unique Alpine species in this region. As usual, the greed of large corporations (in this case - the company which owns the ski resort on the mountain) threaten the protection of the wildlife there by illegal building and development, and also attempts to take away the public's right to enjoy nature unless they pay that company, of course...
If you care about this mountain, live in Israel and/or speak Hebrew, please sign this petition (initiated by the Society of Nature Protection.

Perfume related posts are upcoming shortly. I feel that protecting the nature is super important, especially because nature is both inspiring and fundamental in my perfume creating process...

  • HermonIsraelMountainPetition
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