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Tulum's Massage Candle in Lemon

The simplest ingredients make this unique 3 in 1 candle: Soya wax, soya oil, olive oil and shea butter, and it is scented with essential oils.
Secrets of Tulum is a Vancouver based body-care company (they make shampoos, conditioners and several skin care products, all said to be inspired by Aztec body care traditions). Their Himlight Wax Factory division creates this line of aromatherapy massage candles: light them, and the room fills up with a subtle, simple scent (in this case lemon - but they also have other fragrance). Wait for 30 mintues, and the pool of melted edible wax is ready to dip a finger and massage on your body.
Now, I am not so keen on massaging my body with melted wax (and the term "body wax" is a bit out of whack in this context: for most people it is associated with the rather painful waxing ritual, but I can let this slide). The thing is, that once the wax settles on your massaged skin, it creates that, well, waxy film. Not my favourite. I think I will stick with the 2 in 1 concept of a candle that diffuses a warm light and a subtle scent. Perhaps I expect too little of life, but I feel perfectly happy with that! And for less than $9 CAD at my local health food store (Choices) this is a perfect price for a candle, so I can buy multiples of these and get every room in the house refreshingly scented from time to time (without getting any wax spills or smoky aftermath once the candle is put off, that is, because these come in their own frosted glass cup and with a lid).

The lemon candles smell utterly natural and fresh, like lemon verbena, which is a personal favourite of mine. I believe it is made of Litsea Cubeba for the most part - the berries of a tropical tree which have a longer lasting lemon aroma (a heart note, while lemon essential oil is a top note). There are other scents, which are mostly simple yet utterly enjoyable. If you love lemon verbena, this would be an excellent natural choice. And let me tell you, it is even more difficult to find a well made naturally scented candle than it is to find well made natural perfume.
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