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New Summer Collage

This summer, I am re-discovering Vancouver. Scent-wise. More often than never, you’ll find me complaining about the lack of olfactory phenomenon in the city. About how it is so scentless, being constantly washed out by the rain.

Well, global warming seems to have a positive effect on the most-of-the-year-it’s-raining city of Vancouver. That is not to say that I am not concerned about the negative side effects. But I am going to allow my hedonistic self enjoy it while it can.

I am discovering new scents. I am pinching myself as I am saying it. “you must be dreaming, you’re in Vancouver, after all!”. But no, it’s true, and I even have proof in photos. I will just show you the proof, and add my little olfactory comments as we go. I am going to leave the rhododendrons out, but you know I have a big, soft, warm spot for them.

I hope I will find many more surprises here before the flood comes…
  • JournalSummerSummer 2007
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