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Dim Sum with Champaca

zong zi (粽子)., originally uploaded by theshanghaieye.

The exotic, tea-like champaca notes of champaca flowers are at the heart of this unconventional soliflore by Linda Pilkington. Accompanied by basmati rice and tea notes, this accord is prominent throughout the fragrance evolution.

Champaca opens with a hint of fruity citrus freshness that offers a temporary distraction from the champaca concept is backed up strongly by the champaca and basmati notes. These are warm, enveloping and comforting, like steaming dim-sum of tea flavoured rice dumplings.

Champaca is quite gourmand due to the prominent basmati and green tea notes; yet in a sophisticated way which makes it smell actually woody. It sheds a different light on the otherwise rather mundane, simple and subtle. Served in a stylized dish, even the most basic nourishing meals can seem sophisticated…

As for the drydown - as in most Ormonde Jayne's fragrances, it boils down to her signature musk base, which is clean and warm and vanilla-sweet.

Top notes: Neroli, Pink Pepper, Bamboo
Heart notes: Champaca, Freesia absolute, Basmati Rice
Base notes: Myrrh, Green Tea, Musk

  • Basmati RiceChampacaLinda PilkingtonOrmonde JaynePerfume ReviewTea
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