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exhale, originally uploaded by _Neverletmego_.

Breath makes us alive. Breath connects the physical and the spiritual. Breath is the action through which fragrance becomes present in one’s sphere of the senses.

The act of breathing continuously draws parts of the outside world into the inner world of the living body. It is that connection that separates the living beings from the still objects. And through that breath, particles of other beings enter the body, sometime in the form of scent. Scent as a symbol of breath and of life is a hidden thread of which glimpses can be caught in acts such as religious ceremonies involving incense.

And so perfume, with its endless inhalation and exhalation of breathing plants and animal secretion, is an act of connectedness between mankind, animals and earth. A reciprocity of odour that while draining some lives in the process, it gives life to a complete new entity that is greater than the sum of all of its parts; while taking a way fragrance from some beings, it passes scent to others who may need it terribly, just like air for breathing…

  • BreathJournalMeditation
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