• Valentine's Day Specials from Ayala Moriel Parfums
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Valentine's Day Specials from Ayala Moriel Parfums

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Get ready for love with gifts that entice the senses and capture the

Out of ideas for Valentine’s Day this year? Tired of wondering the mall for
heart-shaped chocolates and cookie-cutter fragrances? Ayala Moriel Parfums
might just have the answer for you. Custom scents can be made for couples as
well as individuals at Ayala Moriel’s parfum studio in downtown Vancouver.
Ayala Moriel also offers a few other irresistibly sensual gifts that are
anything but cliché.

Nothing could be more romantic than commissioning a custom scent for your
Valentine... Ayala Moriel offers a unique experience for both you and your
lover: custom made perfume that will capture your passion, translate your
love into a liquid perfume poem, locked in a bottle for you to cherish
together for years to come. The customer is an active participant in every
stage of the fragrance design - from concept to selecting the beautiful
essences and fine tuning it to perfection.

Immortelle l'Amour Parfum + Tea Gift Set

Now on special discount - when you buy both, receive a $20 discount
Original price $140 - now priced at only $120!
- Essentially, you are getting the previous price for the parfum ($100) and
tea ($20).

You may also choose any fragrance you'd like for our limited time offer
Valentine's Day Gift Sets - we put together a few attractive packages. Gift
wrapping is available upon request and at no additional cost.

Tea Time Gift Set

For a limited time only, we offer our exquisite Perfumed Teas for a
significant discount - $20 instead of $30. Due to the popular demand, we are
bringing back a linden blossom tea, to accompany Tirzah perfume. This is a
completely new perfumed tea, made with wild linden flowers, osmanthus and
green tea and is a delightful floral elixir. Only a limited edition was
prepared of 6 tins only - so hurry up and get it while you can! And of
course we have freshly made Immortelle l'Amour, which is the most romantic
tea that I have ever experienced in my life, a true aphrodisiac.

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Poison Rings

Ayala's exquisite collection of rare, exotic poison rings have captured the
hearts of shameless romantics and critics alike... Distinct for their designs as well as
functionality - poison rings filled with a custom perfume have always proven
to be the right gift and never fail to impress!

Aphrodisiac Chocolate Truffles

Choose from four exquisite flavours available throughout February 15th.
Minimum order is one box, priced at $12 (containing between 8-10 truffles)
Custom flavours are also available upon request for a minimum order of 40
truffles ($60). Please note: we only ship truffles within Canada, via
Xpresspost, or to the USA via FedEx. Inquire by email or call for shipping

Choose from the following flavours:

Blood truffles: Dark Chocolate, rose otto, saffron and chilli pepper
White Potion truffles: White chocolate, coconut, almond, vanilla and

Lovender: Milk chocolate with lavender, vanilla, nutmeg and mace

Caution: these truffles may cause you to fall madly in love...!

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Perfumed Jewelry Gift Set

Last but not least - we've just put out new, romantic and sexy custom-made
gift packages pairing perfume with jewelry. Choose a pendant (available in
blue opal, red garnet, moonstone, mother-of-pearl and opalite) and a
matching poison ring, and we will fill them with a crème parfum to match.

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Valentine's Day Gift Set

Perfume and Jewelry - a perfect match, this time in both liquid and solid
forms. Select a pendent colour of your choice, and let us do the rest -
including helping you out with selecting the fragrance to best suit your
lover's olfactory dreams and make them come true...

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To book your olfactory journey or a fragrance consultation to help you find
the perfect perfume for you and your lover, contact us at Ayala Moriel
Studio (778) 863-0806 or via email ayala@ayalamoriel.com

Warmest regards,


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