• Mental Notes: Praise for Basil
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Mental Notes: Praise for Basil

Basil leaves, originally uploaded by xxxrmt.

Basil in all its glory does not necessarily involve tomatoes. I had it in an ice cream last Saturday (La Casa Gelato on Clark & Venables), a Basil & Pernot ice cream, to be precise. It was just wonderful. Even when paired with a fig-almond scoop it was still marvelous: interestingly refreshing, delicious and original without being too spicy or weird. Despite its complexity of flavour it was very elegant.
And in perfume, nothing could make me feel happier than smelling basil with jasmine and citrus, as in Le Parfum de Thérèse, and ArbitRary, the latter being the scent I spent the most of yesterday with. The sense of euphoria this combination of notes gives off could be explained by the aromatherapeutic effects of cheerful happiness that they give off - both citrus notes and basil. A beautiful smelling anti-depressant if you will...

  • BasilIce CreamLe Parfum de Thérèse
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