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Mental Notes: Freshly Cut Grass & Mojito

sunset mojito, originally uploaded by edo40ode.

It was outrageously hot today in Vancouver (by outrageous I mean 23 celsius), which calls for light summery scents and also brings forward whatever spring flower scents there are in the air and amplifies them ten-fold.

I chose to veer away from my default refresher for a day like this (Philosykos or Le Parfum de Thérèse), and instead try something relatively new to me - Citta di Kyoto. A scent I am still on the fence about and was hoping to form a more solid opinion about.

Visiting the horselands of the city (aka Southlands) for my daughter's weekly horseback riding lesson, we were immersed in heavy scents of blooming trees, and most notably the sharp and penetrating odour of freshly cut grass.

And later tonight I will be dancing the night away in a "Mojito Night" salsa event, with live music. Who knows, I might even try some Mojito, to go with the memory of cut grass (undoubtedly the cocktail will remain unfinished so consider it up for grabs as of now).

I am still undecided about what scent to wear tonight; I'm tempted to immerse in the Philosykos I deprived myself from in the morning; or alternatively, wear something tropical (i.e.: Gigi, Azuree Body Oil or Songes).

What would you wear for a Mojito night of dancing?
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