• Mental Notes: Burnt Proteins, Anyone?
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Mental Notes: Burnt Proteins, Anyone?

Bonfire Night, originally uploaded by adraskoy.

With summer just around the corner, the stench of barbecue is already starting to overwhelm me. As soon as it doesn't rain, some people feel the urge to fill with air with the smoke of burning charcoal and meat. There is something about burning protein that I just can't get myself to appreciate. Perhaps if I wasn't vegetarian it could have been different. Perhaps it also explains why I usually avoid the Lag BaOmer bonfires (Happy Lag BaOmer, by the way!).

Today I was wearing my 3rd mod for the ginger & amber perfume and it goes stronger than the previous ones. This one has a touch of marigold and immortelle in it, making it sunny but also with a greater depth and slightly animialistic undertone, maybe even a tad smoky.

It's strange, I love smoky notes in perfume, but in real life it makes me immediately uneasy, even if just a little. It's the smell of danger.
  • Lag BaOmerMental NotesSmoke
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