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Arsenal Reformulated

Arsenal, my quite-realistic gin & tonic fragrance has been reformulated. I admit, this is entirely my fault. No one told me to reformulate it. I did it on my own accord. The main reason being the poor longevity of the scent, as well as the fact that it was just a tad too "realistic" and not so much of a scent of its own. I wanted it to be a little more perfumey...

It still smells very much like gin and tonic, but with the addition of a few elements that make it a little more complex: lemon leaf, orris root CO2, litsea cubeba, lime and copaiba balsam. I have also decided to use both the green and the white cognac, to add a little more depth to the base. I have insisted on using no floral notes and no vanilla (even though the latter was very, very tempting! I had to tie both of my arms to not add a touch of vanilla CO2 to the cocktail!).

The new Arsenal is just a little longer lasting citrusy-summery twist on the Eau de Cologne type (albeit more concentrated than a traditional cologne water), and smells especially delicious in the oil version (which is what got me to reformulate it in the first place). If you have ordered Arsenal earlier this year and were unhappy with its longevity, contact me and I will be happy to send you a free sample of the new version.
  • ArsenalJournalReformulation
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