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Waving my Lavender Wand...

lavender fairy wands-, originally uploaded by oldflowers4me.

To say hello and give a sign of life. The last few days weren't very kind to my blogging abilities: besides the fact that I'm "enjoying" a summer flu that kept me in bed and left my nose pretty much devoid of any other purpose than giving profits to Scotts', my poor computer crashed for unknown reason, taking with it all of my archive of pieces that I usually save for situations like this.
My only consolation is that I did back it up a few weeks ago and thankfully I haven't written any books since than... Most of my recent work could be manually recovered by being re-written. The only thing I might need to re-write (aside from data entry of new customers via email) would be my extensive writing about various types of lavender oils. I don't think I've taken too many photos recently either, so I guess my lack of creativity did pay off after all.

As far as the lavender monograms are going - I will have to wait for my nose to recover to finalize them but in the meantime I managed to enjoy, behind the veil of flu surrounding my head, the beauty of fresh lavender and hand woven lavender wands at the West End Farmers' Market. These are quite a delight. I also noticed the interesting blossoms of a tropical houseplant at the building's lobby, which hit my stuffed nose with its potent, heady odour reminiscent of kewda, hyacinth and lily, possessing a moist, humid presence that is difficult to describe, or ignore.

I will return once I've recovered both my health and my electronic data.
Until than - enjoy your lavender and stay healthy.

  • LavenderLavender Wand
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