• Mother's Day Bath Salts
  • Bath SaltsGeraniumMother's Dayritual bath

Mother's Day Bath Salts

I've been fooling around with the concept for scented bath salts for a while and what a better timing than Mother's Day to try them out. Bath is such a relaxing, essential treat that fortunately many of us Westerners can enjoy on a quite regular basis.

Here's the fruit of my labour: Geranium bath salts, with bergamot and vanilla. There are many other notes there though - it may smell familiar from the salt mixture alone, but once it's in the bath, it opens up to reveal the other notes - jasmine, ylang ylang, myrrh and a hint of chamomile. I really wanted geranium to be the highlight - it's a note that only recently is taken more seriously. And it has so much depth.

I made a few other scents but I'll blog about them at a later time.
  • Bath SaltsGeraniumMother's Dayritual bath
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