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Apple Harvest

Voila: an apple orchard that kisses the horizon of the Okanagan lake. Apples are such a basic fruit because of its long shelf life and its power to keep doctors away, we sometimes take them for granted. But I tell you: there's nothing like a fresh ripe apple that was just picked that morning, which is precisely what I had for breakfast today. Fragrant. Crisp. Delicious.

And being not so perfect for wine they are so much more nutritious and also in some danger of becoming extinct. Does that mean that Canadians will l have to import stale fruit from California in 10-20 years? I hope not...

But agriculture, health and political issues aside, don't you think this fruit is simply glorious? It is not surprising to me anymore that it was for so long considered the fruit with which the snake seduced Eve. Coming from a warm county, orchard fruit such as apples, pears, peaches and cherries seem unusually exotic to me.
  • ApplesFarmingFuji ApplesOkanagan
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