• Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

Pumpkins, originally uploaded by Ayala Moriel.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Canadian perfume lovers and readers.
We have so much to be grateful about - abundance of food, health care system to take care of the sick and old, free education and wonderful nation of warm people who can endure cold winters and help each other survive that dark season coming upon us!
And lest we forget the brisk aroma of our evergreen forests, mineral lakes and salty ocean breezes, skunk cabages, waterlilies and the damp mossy forest floors that smells like a Chypre perfume. We may not produce too many interesting essential oils, but the ones we do are the best of their kind (fir and spruce absolutes, anyone?) and our air is (relatively) clean.

And I'm thankful that despite the fact that Ottawa is the 1st city in the world to have anti-perfume regulations, I have many Canadians who enjoy my perfumes and support my business. Thanks to you I can put food on the table , have a roof over my head and keep my family healthy and happy. What more can one ask for?

So everyone, enjoy the stuffed turkey and don't forget to cut it down with a lot of cranberries and Okanagan wine; being a vegetarian, I'm just going to stick to my pumpkin pie ;-)

  • Thanksgiving
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