• Farewells... and About Becoming My Own Curator

Farewells... and About Becoming My Own Curator

Goodbyes are my least favourite part of life. I am a bit of a romantic and sentimental type... Which might explain why my perfume collection has a staggering 50 different scents. Each and every one of them was created with much enthusiasm, attention to detail, and (most importantly for me personally) represents a moment in time, sometime in the past 9 years of my perfumery work, or even before I ever knew that I will make this dream come true.

And with an organically-growing business like mine, with no focus groups or large teams of market research, some of the process is a hit-and-miss; trying things out by producing, marketing and selling them is the only way I can really do my research. Which is fun, and not as risky and blowing up a huge budget on research and marketing and PR teams, which I can't afford. And I don't want to work this way, either.

But I'm changing (at least I'm trying...), and I've learned that holding on to things for too long is not always a positive thing. A good metaphor (albeit silly) is trying to take all the fresh, dry and clean laundry from the clothesline, and trying to get all of it without using a proper basket - only to have the garments fall-off, one piece at a time, on the dirt. And while I haven't reached that point (thankfully!) with my business or with my perfume line - I want to avoid that from happening in the future.

I feel it is important to bring forth the most distinct and unusual perfumes in my collection; the ones that I'm most proud of and represent my style. And at the same time - phase out the ones that are less magnificent and/or are not as popular. By the way, I'm ashamed to admit that among my most popular scents there are a couple which I'm not particularly fond of anymore. Not that I think that they smell bad; they are great for what they are, and have served a purpose at the time when they were created. I do think that I could live my life without them, if not for that one little detail - they do bring food to my table... One has to be realistic sometimes, especially when running a business that is the sole income of the family.

Things are going to change in the branding of my perfumes. For now, I'm just going to virtually "put away" so to speak, some of the perfumes that I no longer plan on carrying here on a regular basis. This will make room for new creations without crowding and cluttering the olfactory horizon on both my virtual boutique (the website) and my perfume lounge (the studio).

See complete listing of the discontinued perfumes below. They will be available as long as they remain in stock; after that they will be removed from the website and will be only made upon request in a minimum batches of 9ml for the extrait (i.e.: extrait bottle with a dabber), and 10ml for perfume oil.

Liquidation (Discontinued Fragrances)


Gin and tonic bottled as a flirty fragrance with musky base. For external use only!

Black Licorice

Trick or treat! This perfume version of the dark sticky candy is a limited edition for Haloween.


Ylang ylang soliflore, creamy and tropical


Gaucho is named for the South American cowboys of the Pampas and is accompanied by a matching perfumed tea, both of which are yerba-maté based.


With its bouquet of chocolate and orange blossom, Guilt is a gourmand perfume to end all guilty feelings surrounding chocolate…

l'Herbe Rouge

Classic fougere inspired by Boris Vian's novel by the same name.

Magnolia Petal

Magnolia Soliflore. Peachy and lightly sweet.


Refined, clean tobacco scent with orange blossom, tonka bean, Haitian vetiver and lemon.


Rich yet soft white floral. A smooth melange of Jasmine and Sandalwood.

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