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Express your emotions and attract the love you deserve with these gorgeous all-natural aromatic aphrodisiacs. Pick your potion among the following 9 concoctions:

ROMANCE - Rosebud

You may seem a little shy, but no matter how hard you try to hide it, you are a true romantic. You express your love with beautiful gestures that may seem like they are taken from an old-fashioned romantic flick: a bouquet of red roses, or better yet - making love in a gardenia-scented garden…

Other suggestions:

  • Gigi
  • PASSION - Roses et Chocolat

    Express your passion for life and love with a bouquet of red roses and aphrodisiac cacao to awaken the passion. Our line of Roses et Chocolat perfume potions are certain to awaken the passion with a bouquet of red roses and a healthy dose of dark chocolate, to awaken the passion and bedazzle the senses. Available in perfume, scented-candle, perfumed tea and, of course, our infamous Blood Truffles (with a hint of chili to bring up the heat!).

    Other suggestions:

  • Roses et Chocolat candle
  • Roses et Chocolat Tea
  • Blood Truffles
  • DESIRE - Song of Songs

    Desire and longing for uniting with your loved one is the source of sweet pain and misery that has inspired art and literature for as long as we can remember. This anguish and desire was expressed and recorded in poems and love songs as ancient as this one by King Solomon. Composed of 7 ancient perfumes, spices and flowers – Song of Songs perfume is an elixir that will bring your spouse even closer.

    SEDUCTION - Cabaret

    With a thrill, a twirl and a shimmy, the fluid movements of dance bring seduction to life. What is seemingly hedonistic pleasure of one’s own skin and body – no matter what shape or size or age - is in fact an art form on its own right. In these two Middle-Eastern seduction potions, flowers and fragrant sweets only partially conceal a sensual skin underneath the veil. Ambergris, musk, incense and oud are enhanced analogies to our own natural skin-scent.

    Other suggestions:

  • Razala
  • FLIRT - Fetish

    In flirting, less is more. Fetish is the perfume potion to support that notion and give you a flirty fragrant aura without risking your job or your marriage. A splash of Fetish will boost your confidence, broaden your smile and bring you effortless attention with its mélange of vigorous citrus notes, energizing jasmine green tea and a touch of vanilla and fir.

    RISQUÉ - Espionage

    Love is risky business. It takes courage to venture into those unknown territories – meeting a new person, going on a date, exploring your boundaries as well as theirs… Espionage is a perfume for that stage in your life when you are so curious you must explore the new person in your life, yet have to wear a little shield to protect your heart from being crashed again. Tobacco and smoke make it seem quite dangerous at first; but if your lover will stick long enough, they will discover your true skin scent, enhanced with sultry jasmine, amber and vegetal musk.

    Another fragrant risqué gadget is Film Noir Sachet – hide it in your lingerie drawers and watch what happens next…

  • Film Noir Sachet
  • ATTRACTION - Charisma

    Charisma and charm come from within, and we are sure you have a lot of it already. But to give you an extra boost, douse yourself with this enchanting elixir: it will make you smell all the more fascinating, intriguing and charismatic, combining fresh citrus, aromatic herbs, jasmine green tea, precious woods and musks. Charisma also can be brewed as a floral green tea, and be consumed in our irresistible white chocolate and matcha truffles.

    Other suggestions:

  • Charisma tea
  • Charisma Truffles
  • HARMONY - Megumi

    Achieving harmony and balance is never easy and even more challenging when you’re in love. Here’s an aphrodisiac that will remind you to take a deep breath and keep both feet on the ground. What else is needed to make love last? Perhaps a relaxing Lovender bath...

    Other suggestions:

  • Lavender Ritual Bath Salts
  • Lovender
  • DEVOTION - Immortelle l'Amour

    The everlasting flower symbolizes a love that would never die, even when passion, lust or romance is out of the picture. A dab of this perfume or a sip of the tea will cast a spell on your loved one so they will always be by your side, or on your side, even if romance has ceased.

    Other suggestions:

  • Immortelle l’Amour Tea
  • For all your fragrance advice needs, don’t hesitate to contact Ayala directly for an perfume-fitting appointment at the studio, or fill out our Fragrance Questionnaire!


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