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Progress Report

Trying to get ahead of the game (aka the holiday rush), I did some serious blending of batches today: ArbitRary, Bon Zai, Song of Songs, Vetiver Racinettes... Last time I blended these was in April. It took only 4 months to sell out of the jus. Wow! And a particularly big wow for Bon Zai, which I make giant batches of (in my terms). I hope I will be able to keep up with the demand for these sparkling incense scent.

It's been a very busy summer so far (and it's not quite over yet). Some of my goals haven't even been remotely met (namely: filing my tax return). In other (and I think more important) areas, I have exceeded my expectations: opened in 4 stores in Vancouver (yay!): Gentille Alouette, The Velvet Room and Dream (the latter has two locations - one in Granville Island and the other in Gastown).

I also completed the first products in my body products line: 2 sugar scrubs and 4 anointing body oils. I'm excited to be adding a new bath salt scent (Vetiver) to replace the Lavender one. I've also come up with larger packaging for the bath salts (anywhere from 400-500gr, depending on salt involved).

This summer has been also busy with press - lots of interviews, almost one a week. The Georgia Straight article was certainly the highlight, it really makes me feel fuzzy inside to my bottles featured at the same week as Cirque de Soleil in Vancouver's most widely distributed and probably most widely read weekly newspaper. But this is just one in a list that is too long to mention, and it's all thanks to my publicist's wonderful work.

And when there's press, there is also more work to do... My Midsummer Tea Party has been more than just full, and there were lots of new guests to the studio in the summer months (weren't you all suppose to be on vacation somewhere?!). So I have to come up with a serious to plan as to how to stock enough truffles or other simple to serve yet decadent treats to whomever sets foot on my door.

And also, I've been lucky to participate in several exciting events, which I have enjoyed very much. The most fabulous of all so far has been Polymath's fashion show at the Opus Hotel, which I've sponsored with my fragrant truffles * gift certificates for the goodie bags. And in others, although I was merely a guest, I found very valuable for networking with like minded business people in the fashion as well as sustainable living and food industry... It seems like the city has come along way since I came here nearly 12 years ago (back than, nearly nothing was open past 9pm and there was nowhere, and I mean nowhere, to go to). So all in all - it's been a fantastic summer, and this week is going to be packed with more events, after which I think I will have to take a little break from all this over-socializing, as much as I enjoy it, and start getting my daughter ready for school etc.

But as long as summer is still here... I'm going to enjoy my summer routine as long as the sun will allow me to: doing the majority of my computer work in the patio or the courtyard by the lovely pond we got in the back of the building), work hard all day and than go and camp at the beach with a basket of cherries till sunset...

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