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Studio in a Box

The next 4 weeks I will be doing at least 1 show a week... So instead of spending the precious time packing and unpacking I will be keeping all the stock boxed. It's organized enough that I can still pack orders as usual...
And although this will make my live/work space a little less pretty (7 blue rubbermaid boxes stacked on the dolly) - this is not elegant, but it sure is organized, and it will enable me to do things I enjoy more, such as:
1) Doing some creative work in my lab, which is the best way I can think of for unwinding and relaxing (I've become a bit of a workaholic this season)
2) Blending new batches of perfumes that are out of stock
3) Blogging!
I'm heading out for a stroll in the cold air now, in search for wintery inspiration, to clear my head, and also so that I can appreciate the blazing fire place and my cozy abode even more...
I will be back soon with some ideas and with more blog posts about the one of a kind perfumes I have lined up for the One of a Kind show. But I probably will have to spend time first preparing lables for a few custom scents that have been waiting to be tagged for quite some time...
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