• Mardi Gras Gala & New Orleans Perfume Launch Party
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Mardi Gras Gala & New Orleans Perfume Launch Party

Mardi Gras!
It's already Thursday, which means that some photos from the Mardi Gras gala and New Orleans perfume launch are in order!
The menu in this cocktail party was all inspired by New Orleans' cuisine and the unique aromas of the city, which are featured in the perfume, of course.

Meyer Lemon Hard Lemonade
Meyer Lemon hard lemonade, with my own killer homemade limoncello!
In the perfume, I used lemon oil as well as Meyer lemon peel that I've tinctured myself.

Cornbread and Mardi Gras cupcakes
Mardi Gras cupcakes (with orange flower water and lemon, which match the aromas of the New Orleans perfume I've created). They were decorated, of course, by the dedicated little miss T, who was also in charge of eating about half of them and discovering the baby doll that's always hidden in the traditional King Cake. That means that she will have to throw a Mardi Gras party (again!) next year :-)

The cornbread (shaped like muffins for easier serving at a cocktail party) are spiced with rosemary I picked at Santa Rosa airport... Rosemary adds an herbaceous, green-fresh and slightly spicy aroma to the perfume.

Cajun Prawns
Cajun prawns, courtesy of my super-talented webmaster and dear friend David Griffith.
It was essential to serve seafood at this party, even though I don't normally eat it (and have no idea of how to prepare it). They were made to perfection and went well with oceanic theme of New Orleans - a perfume that includes both seaweed and ambergris.

Mardi Gras Sweets!
More sweets!
Osmanthus plays a big role in the perfume I created for New Orleans, and here we experienced them in the tea (pure herbal tea - just dried osmanthus flowers, top quality, from Shaktea). The shortbread is also infused with these beautiful, apricoty and slightly savoury flowers.

Revealing the New Orleans perfume and notes
Revealing the New Orleans perfume - it was a very intimate gathering (my favourite type - because than I get to also have fun and interact with my guests, not just run around...).
Now let the sniffing fest begin!!!

Nicole & GK Smelling New Orleans Perfume
Nicole and GK experiencing New Orleans perfume for the first time.

Kaylie & Nicole Smelling New Orleans Perfume
Kylie and Nicole

Lindsay's sniffing fest
Lindsay experiencing an individual note from the perfume.

Lee Smells the Base Notes for New Orleans Perfume
Lee experiencing a whole "fan" of the base notes of New Orleans perfume.

Jolanta & Ayala masquerading
It's a masquarade, after all!

Mardi Gras

Photography by Noam Dehan - all rights reserved.
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