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Monkey Monday - New Weekly Giveaway Feature

Trudy's Favorite Monkey by Dyanna
Trudy's Favorite Monkey, a photo by Dyanna on Flickr.
While many workplaces have fun things going on every Friday (or what they think of as fun, like "Casual Friday" where you can wear jeans instead of slacks) - I have a feeling that it's really on Monday when most of you could use a little cheer-me-up!

My vision for Monkey Mondays is that it will be a little silly, humorous, scent-related post, with anecdotes that you could share. We can all use a good laugh from time to time ;-)
And - to make it even funner, I'll also host a giveaway here every Monday, starting today!

Since Valentine's is just a day away, I'd like to hear from you what your favourite aphrodisiacs are, and why. You can be as silly or as forthcoming as you'd like in sharing your aphrodisiac anecdotes. We all like to think of aphrodisiacs as this irresistible substance that will make us irresistible to the opposite (or same) sex, leaving trails of love-victims along our wake.

We've been discussing aphrodisiacs pretty much non-stop here in the past three weeks or so in the "Aprhrodisiac of the Day" series, as well as previous years' tea parties and other blog features and newsletters on the topic. And although they admittedly work on a much more safe and subtle level, it would be nice to hear stories from you about how a fragrant aphrodisiac either improved your love life - or made someone else's life completely miserable in the presence of your irresistible aphrod-packed potion.

The winner will receive:
1) Gabriel's Aunt 2oz Chocolate Bar Candle
2) Film Noir mini
3) Valentine's Greeting Card from Nikki & I that has 2 aphrodisiac recipes!
4) A pinch of my secret love potion: the Ras El Hanout spice that I've hand-blended myself, including many rare ingredients, in just the exact right proportions...

P.s. For all I care, you can make up the story...
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