• Eau du Ciel
  • Annick GoutalEau du CielLinden BlossomPerfume Review

Eau du Ciel

Eau du Ciel is all about linden blossom, and has one of the more realistic rendition of the ephemeral scent that wafts in the air when walking under linden trees in mid summer: the honeyed blossom, green twigs and tender leaves swaying in the cool summer breeze of late June.

The initial honeyed, characteristic linden blossom note is quite realistic, yet very fleeting, and quickly subsides. Here enters neroli, with its cool, elegant and slightly woody character. Petitgrain contributes to the dimension of crisp tree foliage. And underneath it all, a bittersweet, slightly powdery aroma of coumarin (new mown hay) softly brushes at your ankles. The final dryout notes also are reminiscent of green tea.

Eau du Ciel is very aptly named, as it is as spacious as the blue sky and light as feather clouds on a sunny summer day.

  • Annick GoutalEau du CielLinden BlossomPerfume Review
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