• Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving 2012 by Ayala Moriel
Happy Thanksgiving 2012, a photo by Ayala Moriel on Flickr.
Happy Thanksgiving for all my Canadian readers celebrating today!
And what better opportunity than today to say a bit THANK YOU for reading my random smelly musings on this little strip of virtual landscape; and for your growing number of comments, which are fascinating and intelligent and add to the smelly spirit of this space.

We celebrated a bit early this year with friends and family in our non-traditional annual stuffed vegetables feast Saturday night and are enjoying a marvellous sunny and warm couple of weeks. Very unusual for October! I even went on a Thanksgiving ocean swim - but what else is new?!
How are you celebrating today? Any special Thanksgiving perfumes or autumn favourites? I'm wearing Megumi myself today, which seems to go equally well with the crispiness of the fall morning and the sunnier, warmer afternoons.

Please note: because today is a holiday, spent out of doors with my dear daughter (and indoors too baking fresh fig tarts!) - the Monkey Monday contest will be posted next week - we've got a really cool prize for next week that I hope will be worth the wait :-)
  • Thanksgiving
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