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Cracking Those Nuts: 2012 Last Giveaway Results

Pinus pinea - stone pine nuts

Thank you for everyone's continuous readership, comments and support of what I do on SmellyBlog and beyond. These past 4 weeks I've been way too busy traveling and catching up with my family back home in Israel, and barely had a moment to contemplate 2012, not to mention post anything of substance here. Similarly, I've been barely following up on several giveaways from last year, which I would like to remedy before we proceed to more exciting territories such as perfume reviews, new ingredient features, recipes, and more - on a regular basis again.

First thing first:
The mystery plant of the Christmas giveaway is indeed the pine nuts from the stone pine (Pinus pinea).
Congrats to Mer - the lucky recipient of a care package including rose incense, chai rose tea, and wintery perfumes from my list of favourites.
You're the winner for this giveaway not only because you guessed the answer correctly, but also you were the lucky draw winner from among the 3 who guessed it to be pine nuts.
Please email me your address so I can send you the goodies.

Pinus pinea - stone pine cone

Last but not least:
The winner of my Annual Perfume Review Contest.
Thanks to all of you for posting reviews and commenting! I had to wait till the reviews were moderated in all the various websites, so my apologies for the delay. The lucky winner is:
Congratulations!!! You will receive a mini of Treazon (value of $90) once you inform me of your snailmail addy. Hope you enjoy it immensely!

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