• September


Deep into September and over it's other "side" - the cooler, darker and gloomier one. I'm happy to be back at the other side of the world after 2 months in the merciless, scorching Mediterranean sun. Amen to school year, and thank goodness this summer madness is over.

This song brings to mind the swirling of leaves, a melancholy stroll by the stromy seaside just before sunset time. The sun, which was hidden in fog and clouds most of the day, now makes a guest appearance and surprisingly peeks through the gathered clouds, sending splotches of lively pink beneath the grays.

It is the season of new beginnings (beginning of the Jewish New Year, and school of course), and time of reflection. Time to curl inwards and gather my energy in preparations for longer nights and darker days, which thankfully also means more perfume, writing and creativity.

The coming year is going to be very different than the previous ones in terms of my business and I'm sure in one way or another, this will also reflect on SmellyBlog. Last year I was certain I won't be releasing any new perfumes in 2013. There are only a few months left in this year, and I have remained loyal to my decision. I have instead focused on making my packaging a little bit better, and I will continue on making your experience with Ayala Moriel Parfums products and services better, while my creativity will take a back seat (meaning no new releases).

2014 is on the horizon, and while there are still plenty of holidays to celebrate before it is over - I'm already envisioning what the next year would be (Jewish and otherwise...). While I don't plan to release any more perfumes in the immediate future, there will be more surprises coming up soon, some of which are the result of many years of development - and some I've even wrote about on SmellyBlog. But most importantly, I feel very strongly that I must take some time off the front scene, and focus on what's most important to me, both as a woman and an artist.

What do I hope for this year? That it will be better than the previous one. What began as a harmless, mundane and optimistic period, turned into a most trying year than I could have imagined. All I ask is for some peace, quiet and most importantly - health. And I wish the same to you as well.
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